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Error: *** ERROR: unresolved internal link 'auto_shuffle' at line 218 in file Ordeal-Model-0.002/lib/Ordeal/Model/Shuffle.pod


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Name Abstract Version View
Ordeal::Model Manage cards and decks 0.002 metacpan
Ordeal::Model::Backend::PlainFile Cards/decks management via plain files 0.002 metacpan
Ordeal::Model::Backend::YAML Cards/deck definition via YAML file 0.002 metacpan
Ordeal::Model::Card Class for representing cards 0.002 metacpan
Ordeal::Model::ChaCha20 Class for generating pseudo-random data 0.002 metacpan
Ordeal::Model::Deck Class for representing decks of cards 0.002 metacpan
Ordeal::Model::Evaluator Evaluate shuffling expressions 0.002 metacpan
Ordeal::Model::Parser Parse shuffling expressions 0.002 metacpan
Ordeal::Model::Shuffle Manage shuffling of Decks 0.002 metacpan

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