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Beam::Runnable Role for runnable objects 0.016 metacpan
Beam::Runnable::AllowUsers Only allow certain users to run a command 0.016 metacpan
Beam::Runnable::DenyUsers Deny certain users from running a command 0.016 metacpan
Beam::Runnable::Single Only allow one instance of this command at a time 0.016 metacpan
Beam::Runnable::Timeout::Alarm Use `alarm` to set a timeout for a command 0.016 metacpan
Beam::Runner Configure, list, document, and execute runnable task objects 0.016 metacpan
Beam::Runner::Command Main command handler delegating to individual commands 0.016 metacpan
Beam::Runner::Command::help Get help for the given service(s) 0.016 metacpan
Beam::Runner::Command::list List the available containers and services 0.016 metacpan
Beam::Runner::Command::run Run the given service with the given arguments 0.016 metacpan
Beam::Runner::ExecCommand Run an external command 0.016 metacpan
Beam::Runner::Steps Run a series of steps 0.016 metacpan
Beam::Runner::Util Utilities for Beam::Runner command classes 0.016 metacpan

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