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List all modules used in the test suite in META.yml test_requires


  • CPAN::Testers::Fact::LegacyReport
  • CPAN::Testers::Fact::TestSummary
  • CPAN::Testers::Report
  • Metabase::User::Profile
  • Test::Reporter


Name Abstract Version View
CPAN::Testers::API REST API for CPAN Testers data 0.016 metacpan
CPAN::Testers::API::Base Base module for importing standard modules, features, and subs 0.016 metacpan
CPAN::Testers::API::Controller::Release API for test reports collected by CPAN release 0.016 metacpan
CPAN::Testers::API::Controller::Report Work with raw test reports 0.016 metacpan
CPAN::Testers::API::Controller::Summary API for test report summary data 0.016 metacpan
CPAN::Testers::API::Controller::Upload API for uploads to CPAN 0.016 metacpan

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