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List all used modules in META.yml requires


  • Digest::SHA
  • HTTP::Headers
  • HTTP::Request
  • LWP::UserAgent
  • Plack::Middleware
  • Plack::Request
  • Plack::Util::Accessor
  • Try::Tiny
  • URI
  • parent


List all modules used in the test suite in META.yml test_requires


  • HTTP::Message::PSGI
  • HTTP::Request
  • HTTP::Response
  • Plack::Request
  • String::Random
  • Try::Tiny
  • parent


Name Abstract Version View
OIDC::Lite OpenID Connect Library 0.08 metacpan
OIDC::Lite::Client::Token Class represents access-token response metacpan
OIDC::Lite::Client::TokenResponseParser metacpan
OIDC::Lite::Client::WebServer OpenID Connect Web Server Profile Client metacpan
OIDC::Lite::Model::AuthInfo model class that represents authorization info. metacpan
OIDC::Lite::Model::IDToken model class that represents ID token metacpan
OIDC::Lite::Server::AuthorizationHandler handler for OpenID Connect Authorization request metacpan
OIDC::Lite::Server::DataHandler Base class that specifies interface for data handler for your service. metacpan
OIDC::Lite::Server::Endpoint::Token token endpoint PSGI application metacpan
OIDC::Lite::Server::GrantHandler::AuthorizationCode handler for 'authorization-code' grant_type request metacpan
OIDC::Lite::Server::GrantHandlers store of handlers for each grant_type. metacpan
OIDC::Lite::Server::Scope utility class for OpenID Connect Scope metacpan
OIDC::Lite::Util::JWT JSON Web Token metacpan
Plack::Middleware::Auth::OIDC::ProtectedResource middleware for OpenID Connect Protected Resource endpoint metacpan

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Build.PL metacpan
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