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Name Abstract Version View
DataFlow A framework for dataflow processing 0.091010 metacpan
DataFlow::Chain A "super-node" that can link a sequence of nodes 0.091010 metacpan
DataFlow::Item A piece of information to be processed 0.091010 metacpan
DataFlow::Meta A piece of information metadata 0.091010 metacpan
DataFlow::Node A generic processing node in a data flow 0.091010 metacpan
DataFlow::Node::CSV A CSV converting node 0.091010 metacpan
DataFlow::Node::Dumper A debugging node that will dump data to STDERR 0.091010 metacpan
DataFlow::Node::Encoding A encoding conversion node 0.091010 metacpan
DataFlow::Node::HTMLFilter A HTML filtering node 0.091010 metacpan
DataFlow::Node::LiteralData A node provides its initialization data for flow processing 0.091010 metacpan
DataFlow::Node::MultiPageURLGenerator A node that generates multi-paged URL lists 0.091010 metacpan
DataFlow::Node::NOP A No-Op node, input data is passed unmodified to the output 0.091010 metacpan
DataFlow::Node::Null A null node, will discard any input and return undef in the output 0.091010 metacpan
DataFlow::Node::SQL A node that generates SQL clauses 0.091010 metacpan
DataFlow::Node::SimpleFileInput A node that reads that from a file 0.091010 metacpan
DataFlow::Node::SimpleFileOutput A node that writes data to a file 0.091010 metacpan
DataFlow::Node::URLRetriever An URL-retriever node 0.091010 metacpan
DataFlow::Node::URLRetriever::Get A HTTP Getter 0.091010 metacpan
DataFlow::Node::URLRetriever::Get::Curl A HTTP Getter implementation using Curl 0.091010 metacpan
DataFlow::Node::URLRetriever::Get::Mechanize A HTTP Getter implementation using WWW::Mechanize 0.091010 metacpan
DataFlow::Role::File A role that provides a file-handle for nodes 0.091010 metacpan

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