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Split the distribution, or fix the version numbers to make them consistent (use the highest version number to avoid version downgrade).

Error: 0.9902,0.9904,0.9906


Name Abstract Version View
Finance::Alpaca Perl Wrapper for Alpaca's Commission-free Stock Trading API 0.9906 metacpan
Finance::Alpaca::DataStream A Streaming, Real-time Data Object 0.9904 metacpan
Finance::Alpaca::Struct::Account A Single Account Object 0.9902 metacpan
Finance::Alpaca::Struct::Activity A Single Account Activity Object 0.9902 metacpan
Finance::Alpaca::Struct::Asset A Single Account Object 0.9902 metacpan
Finance::Alpaca::Struct::Bar A Single Bar Object 0.9902 metacpan
Finance::Alpaca::Struct::Calendar A Single Calendar Date Object 0.9902 metacpan
Finance::Alpaca::Struct::Clock A Single Clock Object 0.9902 metacpan
Finance::Alpaca::Struct::Configuration A Single Account Configuration Object 0.9902 metacpan
Finance::Alpaca::Struct::Order A Single Order Object 0.9902 metacpan
Finance::Alpaca::Struct::Position A Single Account Object 0.9902 metacpan
Finance::Alpaca::Struct::Quote A Single Quote Object 0.9904 metacpan
Finance::Alpaca::Struct::Trade A Single Trade Object 0.9904 metacpan
Finance::Alpaca::Struct::TradeActivity A Single Trade Activity Object 0.9904 metacpan
Finance::Alpaca::Struct::TradeUpdate A Single Streamed Data Object 0.9904 metacpan
Finance::Alpaca::Struct::Watchlist A Single Watchlist Object 0.9902 metacpan
Finance::Alpaca::TradeStream A Streaming, Account and Order Updates Object 0.9904 metacpan
Finance::Alpaca::Types 0.9902 metacpan

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