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Mojo::RabbitMQ::Client Mojo::IOLoop based RabbitMQ client v0.2.2 metacpan
Mojo::RabbitMQ::Client::Channel handles all channel related methods metacpan
Mojo::RabbitMQ::Client::Consumer simple Mojo::RabbitMQ::Client based consumer metacpan
Mojo::RabbitMQ::Client::LocalQueue Callback queue metacpan
Mojo::RabbitMQ::Client::Method it's a generic class for all AMQP method calls metacpan
Mojo::RabbitMQ::Client::Method::Publish single class to do all of AMQP Publish method magic metacpan
Mojo::RabbitMQ::Client::Publisher simple Mojo::RabbitMQ::Client based publisher metacpan

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