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Test::Count Module for keeping track of the number of tests in a test script. 0.0802 metacpan
Test::Count::Base Base Class for Test::Count. 0 metacpan
Test::Count::FileMutator modify a file in place 0.0802 metacpan
Test::Count::FileMutator::ByFileType::App a standalone command line application that modifies a file in place based on its type. 0 metacpan
Test::Count::Filter a filter that counts the tests and updates the test count. 0.0802 metacpan
Test::Count::Filter::ByFileType::App a standalone command line application that filters according to the filetype. 0 metacpan
Test::Count::Lib various commonly used routines. 0 metacpan
Test::Count::Parser A Parser for Test::Count. 0.0802 metacpan

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