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Error: WebService-ILS-0.17/Readme.pod -- Around line 109: You forgot a '=back' before '=head1'


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Name Abstract Version View
WebService::ILS Standardised library discovery/circulation services 0.17 metacpan
WebService::ILS::JSON WebService::ILS module for services with XML API metacpan
WebService::ILS::OverDrive WebService::ILS module for OverDrive services metacpan
WebService::ILS::OverDrive::Library WebService::ILS module for OverDrive discovery only services metacpan
WebService::ILS::OverDrive::Patron WebService::ILS module for OverDrive circulation services metacpan
WebService::ILS::RecordedBooks WebService::ILS module for RecordedBooks services metacpan
WebService::ILS::RecordedBooks::Partner RecordedBooks partner API metacpan
WebService::ILS::RecordedBooks::PartnerBase RecordedBooks partner API metacpan
WebService::ILS::RecordedBooks::PartnerPatron RecordedBooks patner API for an individual patron metacpan
WebService::ILS::RecordedBooks::Patron RecordedBooks patron API metacpan
WebService::ILS::XML metacpan

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Build.PL metacpan
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MANIFEST metacpan
META.json metacpan
META.yml metacpan metacpan
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