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Name Abstract Version View
Net::SIP Framework SIP (Voice Over IP, RFC3261) 0.822 metacpan
Net::SIP::Authorize enforce authorization of packets metacpan
Net::SIP::Blocker blocks SIP requests based on method name metacpan
Net::SIP::DTMF DTMF RTP packet generating and extracting metacpan
Net::SIP::Debug debugging of Net::SIP metacpan
Net::SIP::Dispatcher dispatch SIP packets between legs and endpoint metacpan
Net::SIP::Dispatcher::Eventloop simple event loop for L<Net::SIP::Dispatcher> metacpan
Net::SIP::Dropper drops SIP messages based on callback metacpan
Net::SIP::Dropper::ByField drops SIP messages based on fields in SIP header metacpan
Net::SIP::Dropper::ByIPPort drops SIP messages based on senders IP and port metacpan
Net::SIP::Endpoint Endpoint for SIP packets (UAC,UAS) metacpan
Net::SIP::Endpoint::Context Call context for endpoint metacpan
Net::SIP::Leg Wrapper around Socket for sending and receiving SIP packets metacpan
Net::SIP::NATHelper::Base rewrite SDP and transport RTP for NAT metacpan
Net::SIP::NATHelper::Client handle NAT/RTP forwarding using remote process metacpan
Net::SIP::NATHelper::Local handle NAT/RTP forwarding in local event loop. metacpan
Net::SIP::NATHelper::Server server for Net::SIP::NATHelper::Client metacpan
Net::SIP::Packet handling of SIP packets metacpan
Net::SIP::ReceiveChain handle incoming packet by multiple receivers metacpan
Net::SIP::Redirect Send redirect to Requests based on lookup at a registrar metacpan
Net::SIP::Registrar Endpoint for registering SIP clients metacpan
Net::SIP::Request handling of SIP request packets metacpan
Net::SIP::Response handling of SIP response packets metacpan
Net::SIP::SDP Parsing and manipulation of SDP data for SIP metacpan
Net::SIP::Simple Simple interface for using Net::SIP metacpan
Net::SIP::Simple::Call call context for L<Net::SIP::Simple> metacpan
Net::SIP::Simple::RTP simple RTP handling for L<Net::SIP::Simple> metacpan
Net::SIP::SocketPool metacpan
Net::SIP::StatelessProxy Simple implementation of a stateless proxy metacpan
Net::SIP::Util utility functions used by all of L<Net::SIP> metacpan


Name File View
Net::SIP::Authorize::FromIsAuthUser lib/Net/SIP/ metacpan
Net::SIP::Authorize::FromIsRealm lib/Net/SIP/ metacpan
Net::SIP::Authorize::ToIsFrom lib/Net/SIP/ metacpan
Net::SIP::Dispatcher::Eventloop::TimerEvent lib/Net/SIP/Dispatcher/ metacpan
Net::SIP::Dispatcher::Packet lib/Net/SIP/ metacpan
Net::SIP::HeaderPair lib/Net/SIP/ metacpan
Net::SIP::HeaderVal lib/Net/SIP/ metacpan
Net::SIP::NATHelper::Call lib/Net/SIP/NATHelper/ metacpan
Net::SIP::NATHelper::Session lib/Net/SIP/NATHelper/ metacpan
Net::SIP::NATHelper::SocketGroup lib/Net/SIP/NATHelper/ metacpan

Other Files

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