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Name Abstract Version View
Tapper::MCP Tapper - Central master control program of Tapper automation 5.0 metacpan
Tapper::MCP::Child Control one specific testrun on MCP side 5.0 metacpan
Tapper::MCP::Config Object for cleaner API of handling mcp_info 5.0 metacpan
Tapper::MCP::Control Shared code for all modules that only handle one specifid testrun 5.0 metacpan
Tapper::MCP::Daemon 5.0 metacpan
Tapper::MCP::Info 5.0 metacpan
Tapper::MCP::Master Wait for new testruns and start a new child when needed 5.0 metacpan
Tapper::MCP::Net 5.0 metacpan
Tapper::MCP::Net::Reset::DoNothing 5.0 metacpan
Tapper::MCP::Net::Reset::Exec Reset by calling an executable 5.0 metacpan
Tapper::MCP::Net::Reset::OSRC Reset via OSRC reset script 5.0 metacpan
Tapper::MCP::Net::Reset::PM211MIP Reset via Infratec PM211MIP multi-socket outlet 5.0 metacpan
Tapper::MCP::Net::TAP 5.0 metacpan
Tapper::MCP::Plugin Plugin loader class for Tapper::MCP plugins 5.0 metacpan
Tapper::MCP::Plugin::Test::All 5.0 metacpan
Tapper::MCP::Scheduler::Algorithm name of the queue has to be unique 5.0 metacpan
Tapper::MCP::Scheduler::Algorithm::DummyAlgorithm Dummy algorithm for testing 5.0 metacpan
Tapper::MCP::Scheduler::Algorithm::WFQ Scheduling algorithm "Weighted Fair Queueing" 5.0 metacpan
Tapper::MCP::Scheduler::Builder Generate Testruns 5.0 metacpan
Tapper::MCP::Scheduler::Controller Main class of the scheduler 5.0 metacpan
Tapper::MCP::Scheduler::Host 5.0 metacpan
Tapper::MCP::Scheduler::Job Job object for Tapper scheduler 5.0 metacpan
Tapper::MCP::Scheduler::ObjectBuilder Creates objects for the Tapper Scheduler and makes 5.0 metacpan
Tapper::MCP::Scheduler::PrioQueue Object for test queue abstraction 5.0 metacpan
Tapper::MCP::Scheduler::Queue Queue object for Tapper scheduler 5.0 metacpan
Tapper::MCP::State Keep state information for one specific test run 5.0 metacpan
Tapper::MCP::State::Details Encapsulate state_details attribute of MCP::State 5.0 metacpan
Tapper::MCP::State::Plugin::Dummy 5.0 metacpan
Tapper::MCP::State::Plugin::OSRC Handle callbacks for MCP states according to OSRC needs 5.0 metacpan

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