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Selenium::Capabilities 1.06 metacpan
Selenium::Client Module for communicating with WC3 standard selenium servers 1.06 metacpan
Selenium::Driver::Auto Automatically choose the best driver available for your browser choice 1.06 metacpan
Selenium::Driver::Chrome Tell Selenium::Client how to spawn chromedriver 1.06 metacpan
Selenium::Driver::Edge Tell Selenium::Client how to spawn edgedriver 1.06 metacpan
Selenium::Driver::Gecko Tell Selenium::Client how to spawn geckodriver 1.06 metacpan
Selenium::Driver::Safari Tell Selenium::Client how to spawn safaridriver 1.06 metacpan
Selenium::Driver::SeleniumHQ::Jar Download the latest version of seleniumHQ's selenium.jar, and tell Selenium::Client how to spawn it 1.06 metacpan
Selenium::Driver::WinApp Tell Selenium::Client how to spawn the Windows Application Driver 1.06 metacpan
Selenium::Element 1.06 metacpan
Selenium::Session 1.06 metacpan
Selenium::Specification Module for building a machine readable specification for Selenium 1.06 metacpan
Selenium::Subclass Generic template for Selenium sugar subclasses like Selenium::Session 1.06 metacpan

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