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Name Abstract Version View
WWW::SFDC Wrappers around the APIs. 0.37 metacpan
WWW::SFDC::Apex Interface to the Apex SOAP Api 0.37 metacpan
WWW::SFDC::Apex::ExecuteAnonymousResult Container for the result of an executeAnonymous call 0.37 metacpan
WWW::SFDC::CallResult Provides a flexible container for calls to SFDC containers 0.37 metacpan
WWW::SFDC::Constants Data about SFDC Metadata Components. 0.37 metacpan
WWW::SFDC::Manifest Utility functions for Salesforce Metadata API interactions. 0.37 metacpan
WWW::SFDC::Metadata Interface to the Metadata API 0.37 metacpan
WWW::SFDC::Metadata::DeployResult Container for Salesforce Metadata API Deployment result 0.37 metacpan
WWW::SFDC::Partner Interface to the Partner API 0.37 metacpan
WWW::SFDC::Role::CRUD Shared methods between partner and tooling APIs 0.37 metacpan
WWW::SFDC::Role::Exception Exception role for WWW::SFDC libraries 0.37 metacpan
WWW::SFDC::Role::SessionConsumer Provides a transparent interface to WWW::SFDC::SessionManager 0.37 metacpan
WWW::SFDC::Tooling Interface to the Tooling API 0.37 metacpan
WWW::SFDC::Zip Utilities for manipulating base64 encoded zip files. 0.37 metacpan


Name File View
WWW::SFDC::CallException lib/WWW/ metacpan

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