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Error: Net::OSCAR, Net::OSCAR::Buddylist, Net::OSCAR::Callbacks, Net::OSCAR::Common, Net::OSCAR::Connection, Net::OSCAR::Connection::Chat, Net::OSCAR::Connection::Direct, Net::OSCAR::Connection::Server, Net::OSCAR::Constants, Net::OSCAR::Proxy, Net::OSCAR::Screenname, Net::OSCAR::ServerCallbacks, Net::OSCAR::TLV, Net::OSCAR::Utility, Net::OSCAR::XML, Net::OSCAR::_BLInternal


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Name Abstract Version View
Net::OSCAR Implementation of AOL's OSCAR protocol for instant messaging (for interacting with AIM a.k.a. AOL IM a.k.a. AOL Instant Messenger - and ICQ, too!) 1.928 metacpan
Net::OSCAR::Buddylist tied hash class whose keys are Net::OSCAR::Screennames and which also maintains the ordering of its keys. 1.928 metacpan
Net::OSCAR::Callbacks Process responses from OSCAR server 1.928 metacpan
Net::OSCAR::Common Net::OSCAR public constants 1.928 metacpan
Net::OSCAR::Connection individual Net::OSCAR service connection 1.928 metacpan
Net::OSCAR::Connection::Chat 1.928 metacpan
Net::OSCAR::Connection::Direct 1.928 metacpan
Net::OSCAR::Connection::Server 1.928 metacpan
Net::OSCAR::Constants internal Net::OSCAR constants 1.928 metacpan
Net::OSCAR::MethodInfo Mappings from method names to (SNAC,family). Used by rate management functionality 1.928 metacpan
Net::OSCAR::Proxy 1.928 metacpan
Net::OSCAR::Screenname OSCAR screenname class 1.928 metacpan
Net::OSCAR::ServerCallbacks Process responses from OSCAR client 1.928 metacpan
Net::OSCAR::TLV tied hash for OSCAR TLVs 1.928 metacpan
Net::OSCAR::Utility internal utility functions for Net::OSCAR 1.928 metacpan
Net::OSCAR::XML XML functions for Net::OSCAR 1.928 metacpan
Net::OSCAR::XML::Template 1.928 metacpan
Net::OSCAR::_BLInternal internal buddylist stuff 1.928 metacpan

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