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If you are using Build.PL define the {requires}{perl} = VERSION field. If you are using MakeMaker (Makefile.PL) you should upgrade ExtUtils::MakeMaker to 6.48 and use MIN_PERL_VERSION parameter. Perl::MinimumVersion can help you determine which version of Perl your module needs.


This is not a critical issue. Currently mainly informative for the CPANTS authors. It might be removed later.


Add all modules contained in this distribution to the META.yml field 'provides'. Module::Build or Dist::Zilla::Plugin::MetaProvides do this automatically for you.


Add a 'repository' resource to the META.yml via 'meta_add' accessor (for Module::Build) or META_ADD parameter (for ExtUtils::MakeMaker).


Name Abstract Version View
TaskPipe A task management framework for building web scrapers and crawlers 0.05 metacpan
TaskPipe::FileInstaller handles file installs for TaskPipe metacpan
TaskPipe::InterpParam Parameter value interpolator for TaskPipe metacpan
TaskPipe::InterpParam::MatchHandler handling matching of parameter values in the plan metacpan
TaskPipe::InterpParam::MatchHandler_id Match handler for the $id parameter variable metacpan
TaskPipe::InterpParam::MatchHandler_name match handler for the $name parameter variable metacpan
TaskPipe::InterpParam::MatchHandler_this match handler for the $this parameter variable metacpan
TaskPipe::InterpParam::Parts module determining the parts of a plan parameter variable metacpan
TaskPipe::Iterator generic class for TaskPipe Iterators metacpan
TaskPipe::Iterator_Array metacpan
TaskPipe::JobManager manages TaskPipe jobs metacpan
TaskPipe::JobManager::Settings settings for the L<TaskPipe::JobManager> module metacpan
TaskPipe::LoggerManager Logging manager for TaskPipe metacpan
TaskPipe::LoggerManager::Settings settings for the L<TaskPipe::LoggerManager> module metacpan
TaskPipe::OpenProxyManager open proxy management for TaskPipe metacpan
TaskPipe::OpenProxyManager::IPList the base class for IPLists metacpan
TaskPipe::OpenProxyManager::IPList::Settings Settings for TaskPipe::OpenProxyManager::IPList metacpan
TaskPipe::OpenProxyManager::IPList_PremProxy PremProxy IP List metacpan
TaskPipe::OpenProxyManager::IPList_PremProxy::Settings settings for TaskPipe::OpenProxyManager::IPList_PremProxy metacpan
TaskPipe::OpenProxyManager::IPList_ProxyNova ProxyNova IP List metacpan
TaskPipe::OpenProxyManager::IPList_ProxyNova::Settings Settings for TaskPipe::OpenProxyManager::IPList_ProxyNova metacpan
TaskPipe::OpenProxyManager::IPList_Xroxy Xroxy IP List metacpan
TaskPipe::OpenProxyManager::IPList_Xroxy::Settings settings for TaskPipe::OpenProxyManager::IPList_Xroxy metacpan
TaskPipe::OpenProxyManager::Settings settings for TaskPipe::OpenProxyManager metacpan
TaskPipe::PathSettings Path settings for TaskPipe metacpan
TaskPipe::PathSettings::Global TaskPipe global path settings metacpan
TaskPipe::PathSettings::Project project path settings for TaskPipe metacpan
TaskPipe::Plan manage plan files for TaskPipe metacpan
TaskPipe::Plan::Settings settings for L<TaskPipe::Plan> metacpan
TaskPipe::PodReader read POD for TaskPipe metacpan
TaskPipe::PodReader::Settings Settings for L<TaskPipe::PodReader> metacpan
TaskPipe::PortManager manage ports for TaskPipe metacpan
TaskPipe::Role::MooseType_IterateMode iterate mode type constraint metacpan
TaskPipe::Role::MooseType_OutputMode output mode type constraint metacpan
TaskPipe::Role::MooseType_PlanMode plan mode type constraint metacpan
TaskPipe::Role::MooseType_ScopeMode scope mode type constraint metacpan
TaskPipe::Role::MooseType_ShellMode shell mode type constraint metacpan
TaskPipe::Role::MooseType_StrArrayRef array ref represented as a string type constraint metacpan
TaskPipe::Role::MooseType_UserAgentType user agent type type constraint metacpan
TaskPipe::RunInfo information about the run (of the current plan) metacpan
TaskPipe::Sample base class for sample projects metacpan
TaskPipe::Sample_SP500 sample project to scrape quotes for S&P500 companies metacpan
TaskPipe::Sample_Stubs the default sample that is used when deploying files/db tables metacpan
TaskPipe::SchemaManager manage schema connections for TaskPipe metacpan
TaskPipe::SchemaManager::Settings settings for L<TaskPipe::SchemaManager> metacpan
TaskPipe::SchemaManager::Settings_Global global schema settings for TaskPipe metacpan
TaskPipe::SchemaManager::Settings_Project project schema settings for TaskPipe metacpan
TaskPipe::SchemaTemplate_Global Global Schema Template for TaskPipe metacpan
TaskPipe::SchemaTemplate_Global::Result::Job global schema template for C<job> source metacpan
TaskPipe::SchemaTemplate_Global::Result::OpenProxy global schema template for open proxy source metacpan
TaskPipe::SchemaTemplate_Global::Result::Port Global Schema Template file for C<port> source metacpan
TaskPipe::SchemaTemplate_Global::Result::Spawned global schema template for C<spawned> source metacpan
TaskPipe::SchemaTemplate_Global::Result::Thread global schema template for C<thread> source metacpan
TaskPipe::SchemaTemplate_Project Project Schema Template for TaskPipe metacpan
TaskPipe::SchemaTemplate_Project::Result::Error schema template for the project C<error> table metacpan
TaskPipe::SchemaTemplate_Project::Result::Pinterp schema template for the project C<pinterp> table metacpan
TaskPipe::SchemaTemplate_Project::Result::Result schema template for the project C<result> table metacpan
TaskPipe::SchemaTemplate_Project::Result::XBranchError schema template for project C<xbranch_error> table metacpan
TaskPipe::SchemaTemplate_Project::Result::Xbranch schema template for project C<xbranch> table metacpan
TaskPipe::SchemaTemplate_Project_SP500 schema template for the SP500 sample project metacpan
TaskPipe::SchemaTemplate_Project_SP500::Result::Company schema template for the SP500 project C<company> table metacpan
TaskPipe::Task the class which all TaskPipe tasks should inherit from 0.05 metacpan
TaskPipe::Task::ModuleMap map task names to modules metacpan
TaskPipe::Task::Settings Settings for L<TaskPipe::Task> metacpan
TaskPipe::Task::TestSettings test settings for L<TaskPipe::Task> metacpan
TaskPipe::Task_Record record a record to the database metacpan
TaskPipe::Task_Record_NameValuePairs record a result set as a series of name/value pairs metacpan
TaskPipe::Task_Scrape Base TaskPipe class for scraping a webpage metacpan
TaskPipe::Task_Scrape::Settings settings for L<TaskPipe::Task_Scrape> metacpan
TaskPipe::Task_SourceFromDB use a database table as the data source metacpan
TaskPipe::Task_SourceFromFile use a file as a data source metacpan
TaskPipe::Template the base class for file templates metacpan
TaskPipe::Template_Config metacpan
TaskPipe::Template_Config_Global template for the global config file metacpan
TaskPipe::Template_Config_Project template for the project config metacpan
TaskPipe::Template_Config_Project_SP500 metacpan
TaskPipe::Template_Config_System the template package for the 'system' config file metacpan
TaskPipe::Template_Plan the base class for plan templates metacpan
TaskPipe::Template_Plan_SP500 template for the SP500 sample project plan metacpan
TaskPipe::Template_Plan_Stub template for the default plan metacpan
TaskPipe::Template_Task base class for task templates metacpan
TaskPipe::Template_Task_SP500ScrapeCompanies metacpan
TaskPipe::Template_Task_SP500ScrapeQuote template for the Scrape_Quote task in the SP500 sample project metacpan
TaskPipe::Template_Task_ScrapeStub template for the Scrape_Stub task metacpan
TaskPipe::ThreadManager manages threads for TaskPipe metacpan
TaskPipe::Tool the base class for the TaskPipe command line tool 0.05 metacpan
TaskPipe::Tool::Command base class for TaskPipe Tool commands metacpan
TaskPipe::Tool::Command_ClearTables command to clear tables metacpan
TaskPipe::Tool::Command_DeployFiles command to deploy TaskPipe project files metacpan
TaskPipe::Tool::Command_DeployTables command to deploy taskpipe tables metacpan
TaskPipe::Tool::Command_GenerateSchema command to generate taskpipe schema files metacpan
TaskPipe::Tool::Command_RunPlan command to run a TaskPipe plan metacpan
TaskPipe::Tool::Command_Setup the TaskPipe setup command metacpan
TaskPipe::Tool::Command_ShowJobs show currently running TaskPipe jobs metacpan
TaskPipe::Tool::Command_StopJob command to stop a running taskpipe job metacpan
TaskPipe::Tool::Command_TestTask command to test an individual TaskPipe task metacpan
TaskPipe::Tool::Command__OpenProxies base calss for open proxy related commands metacpan
TaskPipe::Tool::Command__OpenProxies_FetchOpenProxies command to fetch open proxies metacpan
TaskPipe::Tool::Command__OpenProxies_TestOpenProxies command to test open proxies metacpan
TaskPipe::Tool::Options handles command line options for TaskPipe Tool metacpan
TaskPipe::TorManager manage TOR processes for TaskPipe metacpan
TaskPipe::TorManager::Settings settings for L<TaskPipe::TorManager> metacpan
TaskPipe::UserAgentManager base class for managing requests in TaskPipe metacpan
TaskPipe::UserAgentManager::CheckIPSettings metacpan
TaskPipe::UserAgentManager::Settings settings for TaskPipe::UserAgentManger metacpan
TaskPipe::UserAgentManager::UserAgentHandler standard useragent handler metacpan
TaskPipe::UserAgentManager::UserAgentHandler::Settings metacpan
TaskPipe::UserAgentManager::UserAgentHandler_PhantomJS useragent handler for phantomjs metacpan
TaskPipe::UserAgentManager::UserAgentHandler_PhantomJS::Settings metacpan
TaskPipe::UserAgentManager_ProxyNet base class for proxying useragents metacpan
TaskPipe::UserAgentManager_ProxyNet_Open useragent manager for making requests through an open proxy network metacpan
TaskPipe::UserAgentManager_ProxyNet_TOR useragent manager for making requests through TOR metacpan

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