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Name Abstract Version View
Weather::YR Object-oriented interface to's weather service. 0.43 metacpan
Weather::YR::Base metacpan
Weather::YR::DataPoint Base class for data points. metacpan
Weather::YR::Day Base class representing a day containing data points. metacpan
Weather::YR::Lang::Symbol metacpan
Weather::YR::LocationForecast Object-oriented interface to's "location forecast" API. metacpan
Weather::YR::LocationForecast::DataPoint Class that represents a location forecast's data point. metacpan
Weather::YR::LocationForecast::Day Class that holds weather data for one day. metacpan
Weather::YR::Model Base class for model classes. metacpan
Weather::YR::Model::Cloudiness metacpan
Weather::YR::Model::Clouds metacpan
Weather::YR::Model::DewPointTemperature metacpan
Weather::YR::Model::Fog metacpan
Weather::YR::Model::Humidity metacpan
Weather::YR::Model::Precipitation metacpan
Weather::YR::Model::Precipitation::Symbol metacpan
Weather::YR::Model::Pressure metacpan
Weather::YR::Model::Probability metacpan
Weather::YR::Model::Probability::Temperature metacpan
Weather::YR::Model::Probability::Wind metacpan
Weather::YR::Model::Temperature metacpan
Weather::YR::Model::WindDirection metacpan
Weather::YR::Model::WindSpeed metacpan
Weather::YR::TextForecast metacpan
Weather::YR::TextLocation metacpan

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