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This is not a critical issue. Currently mainly informative for the CPANTS authors. It might be removed later.


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PPIx::QuoteLike Parse Perl string literals and string-literal-like things. 0.018_01 metacpan
PPIx::QuoteLike::Constant Constants needed by PPIx-QuoteLike 0.018_01 metacpan
PPIx::QuoteLike::Dumper Dump the results of parsing quotelike things 0.018_01 metacpan
PPIx::QuoteLike::Token Represent any token. 0.018_01 metacpan
PPIx::QuoteLike::Token::Control Represent case and quote control 0.018_01 metacpan
PPIx::QuoteLike::Token::Delimiter Represent a string delimiter 0.018_01 metacpan
PPIx::QuoteLike::Token::Interpolation Represent an interpolation 0.018_01 metacpan
PPIx::QuoteLike::Token::String Represent an uninterpolated string 0.018_01 metacpan
PPIx::QuoteLike::Token::Structure Represent the structure of the string. 0.018_01 metacpan
PPIx::QuoteLike::Token::Unknown An unknown token 0.018_01 metacpan
PPIx::QuoteLike::Token::Whitespace Represent insignificant white space. 0.018_01 metacpan
PPIx::QuoteLike::Utils Utility subroutines for PPIx::QuoteLike; 0.018_01 metacpan

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