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Git::CPAN::Patch Patch CPAN modules using Git v2.5.0 metacpan
Git::CPAN::Patch::Command::Clone Clone a CPAN module's history into a new git repository v2.5.0 metacpan
Git::CPAN::Patch::Command::FormatPatch Format patches using C<cpan/master> as the origin reference v2.5.0 metacpan
Git::CPAN::Patch::Command::Import Import a module into a git repository v2.5.0 metacpan
Git::CPAN::Patch::Command::SendEmail use C<git-send-email> to submit patches to CPAN RT v2.5.0 metacpan
Git::CPAN::Patch::Command::SendPatch create patch files and submit them to RT v2.5.0 metacpan
Git::CPAN::Patch::Command::Sources lists sources for the module v2.5.0 metacpan
Git::CPAN::Patch::Command::Squash Combine multiple commits into one patch v2.5.0 metacpan
Git::CPAN::Patch::Command::Update Import the latest version of a module and rebase the current branch v2.5.0 metacpan
Git::CPAN::Patch::Command::Which reports the repository's module v2.5.0 metacpan
Git::CPAN::Patch::Import The meat of git-cpan-import v2.5.0 metacpan
Git::CPAN::Patch::Release v2.5.0 metacpan
Git::CPAN::Patch::Role::Git provides access to Git repository v2.5.0 metacpan
Git::CPAN::Patch::Role::Patch v2.5.0 metacpan

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