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Error: PPIx::EditorTools::RenamePackage


Name Abstract Version View
PPIx::EditorTools Utility methods and base class for manipulating Perl via PPI 0.21 metacpan
PPIx::EditorTools::FindUnmatchedBrace PPI-based unmatched-brace-finder 0.21 metacpan
PPIx::EditorTools::FindVariableDeclaration Finds where a variable was declared using PPI 0.21 metacpan
PPIx::EditorTools::IntroduceTemporaryVariable Introduces a temporary variable using PPI 0.21 metacpan
PPIx::EditorTools::Lexer Simple Lexer used for syntax highlighting 0.21 metacpan
PPIx::EditorTools::Outline Collect use pragmata, modules, subroutiones, methods, attributes 0.21 metacpan
PPIx::EditorTools::RenamePackage Change the package name 0.21 metacpan
PPIx::EditorTools::RenamePackageFromPath Change the package name based on the files path 0.21 metacpan
PPIx::EditorTools::RenameVariable Lexically replace a variable name in Perl code 0.21 metacpan
PPIx::EditorTools::ReturnObject Simple object to return values from PPIx::EditorTools 0.21 metacpan

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