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Add a 'repository' resource to the META.yml via 'meta_add' accessor (for Module::Build) or META_ADD parameter (for ExtUtils::MakeMaker).


This is not a critical issue. Currently mainly informative for the CPANTS authors. It might be removed later.


Name Abstract Version View
WWW::Ohloh::API Ohloh API implementation v0.3.2 metacpan
WWW::Ohloh::API::Account an Ohloh account v0.3.2 metacpan
WWW::Ohloh::API::ActivityFact collection of statistics about an Ohloh project v0.3.2 metacpan
WWW::Ohloh::API::ActivityFacts an Ohloh project's set of activity facts v0.3.2 metacpan
WWW::Ohloh::API::Analysis v0.3.2 metacpan
WWW::Ohloh::API::Collection v0.3.2 metacpan
WWW::Ohloh::API::ContributorFact Ohloh stats about a project's contributor v0.3.2 metacpan
WWW::Ohloh::API::ContributorLanguageFact Ohloh stats about a project's contributor for a specific language v0.3.2 metacpan
WWW::Ohloh::API::Enlistment an Ohloh enlistment v0.3.2 metacpan
WWW::Ohloh::API::Enlistments a set of Ohloh project enlistments v0.3.2 metacpan
WWW::Ohloh::API::Factoid A factoid about an Ohloh project v0.3.2 metacpan
WWW::Ohloh::API::Kudo an Ohloh kudo v0.3.2 metacpan
WWW::Ohloh::API::KudoScore an Ohloh kudo score v0.3.2 metacpan
WWW::Ohloh::API::Kudos Ohloh kudos sent and received by an account v0.3.2 metacpan
WWW::Ohloh::API::Language a programming language information on Ohloh v0.3.2 metacpan
WWW::Ohloh::API::Languages a set of Ohloh languages v0.3.2 metacpan
WWW::Ohloh::API::Message a Ohloh message v0.3.2 metacpan
WWW::Ohloh::API::Message::Tag a tag associated to an Ohloh message v0.3.2 metacpan
WWW::Ohloh::API::Messages v0.3.2 metacpan
WWW::Ohloh::API::Project an Ohloh project v0.3.2 metacpan
WWW::Ohloh::API::Projects a set of Ohloh projects v0.3.2 metacpan
WWW::Ohloh::API::Repository A code repository v0.3.2 metacpan
WWW::Ohloh::API::Role::Fetchable v0.3.2 metacpan
WWW::Ohloh::API::Role::LoadXML 0 metacpan
WWW::Ohloh::API::SizeFact statistics about a Project source code v0.3.2 metacpan
WWW::Ohloh::API::Stack a collection of projects used by a person v0.3.2 metacpan
WWW::Ohloh::API::StackEntry A project entry in a stack v0.3.2 metacpan

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