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Name Abstract Version View
App::perlimports Make implicit imports explicit 0.000055 metacpan
App::perlimports::Annotations Find line ranges where perlimports has been disabled 0.000055 metacpan
App::perlimports::CLI CLI arg parsing for C<perlimports> 0.000055 metacpan
App::perlimports::Config Generic configuration options for C<perlimports> 0.000055 metacpan
App::perlimports::Document Make implicit imports explicit 0.000055 metacpan
App::perlimports::ExportInspector Inspect code for exportable symbols 0.000055 metacpan
App::perlimports::Include Encapsulate one use statement in a document 0.000055 metacpan
App::perlimports::Role::Logger Provide a logger attribute to App::perlimports objects 0.000055 metacpan
App::perlimports::Sandbox Internal Tools for perlimports 0.000055 metacpan

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