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Name Abstract Version View
Module::Release Automate software releases 2.123_04 metacpan
Module::Release::FTP Interact with an FTP server 2.123_04 metacpan
Module::Release::Kwalitee Play the CPANTS game 2.123_04 metacpan
Module::Release::MANIFEST Check Perl's MANIFEST to ensure you've updated it 2.123_04 metacpan
Module::Release::PAUSE Interact with the Perl Authors Upload Server (PAUSE) 2.123_04 metacpan
Module::Release::Prereq Check pre-requisites list in build file 2.123_04 metacpan
Module::Release::SVN Use Subversion with Module::Release 2.123_04 metacpan
Module::Release::WebUpload::Mojo Upload through the PAUSE web interface 2.123_04 metacpan

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