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List all used modules in META.yml requires


  • APR::Table
  • Apache2::Log
  • Apache2::RequestIO
  • Apache2::RequestRec
  • Apache2::RequestUtil
  • Apache2::Response
  • Apache::Constants
  • Apache::Request
  • CGI::Compile
  • CGI::Emulate::PSGI
  • FCGI
  • HTTP::Date
  • Module::Refresh


Add 'use warnings' (or its equivalents) to all modules, or convince us that your favorite module is well-known enough and people can easily see the modules warn when something bad happens.

Error: Plack::App::Cascade, Plack::Builder, Plack::HTTPParser, Plack::Handler, Plack::Handler::Apache1, Plack::Handler::HTTP::Server::PSGI, Plack::Loader, Plack::Loader::Delayed, Plack::Loader::Shotgun, Plack::MIME, Plack::Middleware::Auth::Basic, Plack::Middleware::BufferedStreaming, Plack::Middleware::Chunked, Plack::Middleware::Conditional, Plack::Middleware::ConditionalGET, Plack::Middleware::HTTPExceptions, Plack::Middleware::IIS6ScriptNameFix, Plack::Middleware::IIS7KeepAliveFix, Plack::Middleware::JSONP, Plack::Middleware::LighttpdScriptNameFix, Plack::Middleware::Lint, Plack::Middleware::Log4perl, Plack::Middleware::LogDispatch, Plack::Middleware::NullLogger, Plack::Middleware::Recursive, Plack::Middleware::Refresh, Plack::Middleware::Runtime, Plack::Middleware::SimpleLogger, Plack::Util


List all modules used in the test suite in META.yml test_requires


  • FCGI::ProcManager
  • HTTP::Request::AsCGI
  • IO::Handle::Util
  • Log::Dispatch
  • Log::Dispatch::Array
  • MIME::Types


Add all modules contained in this distribution to the META.yml field 'provides'. Module::Build or Dist::Zilla::Plugin::MetaProvides do this automatically for you.


Name Abstract Version View
HTTP::Message::PSGI Converts HTTP::Request and HTTP::Response from/to PSGI env and response metacpan
HTTP::Server::PSGI Standalone PSGI compatible HTTP server metacpan
Plack Perl Superglue for Web frameworks and Web Servers (PSGI toolkit) 1.0051 metacpan
Plack::App::CGIBin cgi-bin replacement for Plack servers metacpan
Plack::App::Cascade Cascadable compound application metacpan
Plack::App::Directory Serve static files from document root with directory index metacpan
Plack::App::File Serve static files from root directory metacpan
Plack::App::PSGIBin Run .psgi files from a directory metacpan
Plack::App::URLMap Map multiple apps in different paths metacpan
Plack::App::WrapCGI Compiles a CGI script as PSGI application metacpan
Plack::Builder OO and DSL to enable Plack Middlewares metacpan
Plack::Component Base class for PSGI endpoints metacpan
Plack::HTTPParser Parse HTTP headers metacpan
Plack::HTTPParser::PP Pure perl fallback of HTTP::Parser::XS metacpan
Plack::Handler Connects PSGI applications and Web servers metacpan
Plack::Handler::Apache1 Apache 1.3.x mod_perl handlers to run PSGI application metacpan
Plack::Handler::Apache2 Apache 2.0 mod_perl handler to run PSGI application metacpan
Plack::Handler::Apache2::Registry Runs .psgi files. metacpan
Plack::Handler::CGI CGI handler for Plack metacpan
Plack::Handler::FCGI FastCGI handler for Plack metacpan
Plack::Handler::HTTP::Server::PSGI adapter for HTTP::Server::PSGI metacpan
Plack::Handler::Standalone adapter for HTTP::Server::PSGI metacpan
Plack::LWPish HTTP::Request/Response compatible interface with HTTP::Tiny backend metacpan
Plack::Loader (auto)load Plack Servers metacpan
Plack::Loader::Delayed Delay the loading of .psgi until the first run metacpan
Plack::Loader::Restarter Restarting loader metacpan
Plack::Loader::Shotgun forking implementation of plackup metacpan
Plack::MIME MIME type registry metacpan
Plack::Middleware Base class for easy-to-use PSGI middleware metacpan
Plack::Middleware::AccessLog Logs requests like Apache's log format metacpan
Plack::Middleware::AccessLog::Timed Logs requests with time and accurate body size metacpan
Plack::Middleware::Auth::Basic Simple basic authentication middleware metacpan
Plack::Middleware::BufferedStreaming Enable buffering for non-streaming aware servers metacpan
Plack::Middleware::Chunked Applies chunked encoding to the response body metacpan
Plack::Middleware::Conditional Conditional wrapper for Plack middleware metacpan
Plack::Middleware::ConditionalGET Middleware to enable conditional GET metacpan
Plack::Middleware::ContentLength Adds Content-Length header automatically metacpan
Plack::Middleware::ContentMD5 Automatically sets the Content-MD5 header on all String bodies metacpan
Plack::Middleware::ErrorDocument Set Error Document based on HTTP status code metacpan
Plack::Middleware::HTTPExceptions Catch HTTP exceptions metacpan
Plack::Middleware::Head auto delete response body in HEAD requests metacpan
Plack::Middleware::IIS6ScriptNameFix fixes wrong SCRIPT_NAME and PATH_INFO that IIS6 sets metacpan
Plack::Middleware::IIS7KeepAliveFix fixes buffer being cut off on redirect when keep-alive is active on IIS. metacpan
Plack::Middleware::JSONP Wraps JSON response in JSONP if callback parameter is specified metacpan
Plack::Middleware::LighttpdScriptNameFix fixes wrong SCRIPT_NAME and PATH_INFO that lighttpd sets metacpan
Plack::Middleware::Lint Validate request and response metacpan
Plack::Middleware::Log4perl Uses Log::Log4perl to configure logger metacpan
Plack::Middleware::LogDispatch Uses Log::Dispatch to configure logger metacpan
Plack::Middleware::NullLogger Send logs to /dev/null metacpan
Plack::Middleware::RearrangeHeaders Reorder HTTP headers for buggy clients metacpan
Plack::Middleware::Recursive Allows PSGI apps to include or forward requests recursively metacpan
Plack::Middleware::Refresh Refresh all modules in %INC metacpan
Plack::Middleware::Runtime Sets an X-Runtime response header metacpan
Plack::Middleware::SimpleContentFilter Filters response content metacpan
Plack::Middleware::SimpleLogger Simple logger that prints to psgi.errors metacpan
Plack::Middleware::StackTrace Displays stack trace when your app dies metacpan
Plack::Middleware::Static serve static files with Plack metacpan
Plack::Middleware::XFramework Sample middleware to add X-Framework metacpan
Plack::Middleware::XSendfile Sets X-Sendfile (or a like) header for frontends metacpan
Plack::Request Portable HTTP request object from PSGI env hash 1.0051 metacpan
Plack::Request::Upload handles file upload requests metacpan
Plack::Response Portable HTTP Response object for PSGI response 1.0051 metacpan
Plack::Runner plackup core metacpan
Plack::TempBuffer metacpan
Plack::Test Test PSGI applications with various backends metacpan
Plack::Test::MockHTTP Run mocked HTTP tests through PSGI applications metacpan
Plack::Test::Server Run HTTP tests through live Plack servers metacpan
Plack::Test::Suite Test suite for Plack handlers metacpan
Plack::Util Utility subroutines for Plack server and framework developers metacpan
Plack::Util::Accessor Accessor generation utility for Plack metacpan


Name File View
Plack::Handler::CGI::Writer lib/Plack/Handler/ metacpan
Plack::Recursive::ForwardRequest lib/Plack/Middleware/ metacpan
Plack::Util::IOWithPath lib/Plack/ metacpan
Plack::Util::Prototype lib/Plack/ metacpan

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META.yml metacpan
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