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Rename those files with alphanumerical characters, or maybe remove them because in many cases they are automatically generated for local installation.


  • t/in/DB.Berlin Jannowitzbr├â┬╝cke.json


Name Abstract Version View
Travel::Status::DE::DeutscheBahn Interface to the online arrival/departure monitor operated by Deutsche Bahn 6.02 metacpan
Travel::Status::DE::HAFAS Interface to HAFAS-based online arrival/departure monitors 6.02 metacpan
Travel::Status::DE::HAFAS::Journey Information about a single journey received by Travel::Status::DE::HAFAS 6.02 metacpan
Travel::Status::DE::HAFAS::Location A single public transit location 6.02 metacpan
Travel::Status::DE::HAFAS::Message An arrival/departure-related message. 6.02 metacpan
Travel::Status::DE::HAFAS::Polyline 6.02 metacpan
Travel::Status::DE::HAFAS::Product Information about a HAFAS product associated with a journey. 6.02 metacpan
Travel::Status::DE::HAFAS::Stop Information about a HAFAS stop. 6.02 metacpan
Travel::Status::DE::HAFAS::StopFinder Interface to HAFAS-based online stop finder services 6.02 metacpan

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