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Name Abstract Version View
MARC::Moose Moose based MARC records set of tools 1.000034 metacpan
MARC::Moose::Field Marc field base object 1.000034 metacpan
MARC::Moose::Field::Control Control Marc field (tag < 010) 1.000034 metacpan
MARC::Moose::Field::Std Standard Marc Field (tag >= 010) 1.000034 metacpan
MARC::Moose::Formater Base class to format Marc record 1.000034 metacpan
MARC::Moose::Formater::AuthorityUnimarcToMarc21 Convert authority record from UNIMARC to MARC21 1.000034 metacpan
MARC::Moose::Formater::Iso2709 MARC::Moose record formater into ISO 2709 format 1.000034 metacpan
MARC::Moose::Formater::Json Record formater into a Json representation 1.000034 metacpan
MARC::Moose::Formater::Legacy Record formater into the legacy MARC::Record object 1.000034 metacpan
MARC::Moose::Formater::Marcxml MARC::Moose record formater into MARCXML 1.000034 metacpan
MARC::Moose::Formater::Text Record formater into a text representation 1.000034 metacpan
MARC::Moose::Formater::UnimarcToMarc21 Convert biblio record from UNIMARC to MARC21 1.000034 metacpan
MARC::Moose::Formater::Yaml Marc record formater into YAML representation 1.000034 metacpan
MARC::Moose::Lint::Checker A Moose::Role to 'lint' biblio record 1.000034 metacpan
MARC::Moose::Lint::Checker::RulesFile A class to 'lint' biblio record based on a rules file 1.000034 metacpan
MARC::Moose::Lint::Processor Processor to lint a biblio records file 1.000034 metacpan
MARC::Moose::Parser A record parser base class 1.000034 metacpan
MARC::Moose::Parser::Isis ISIS records parser 1.000034 metacpan
MARC::Moose::Parser::Iso2709 Parser for ISO2709 records 1.000034 metacpan
MARC::Moose::Parser::Json Parser for JSON records 1.000034 metacpan
MARC::Moose::Parser::Legacy Parser for MARC::Record legacy records 1.000034 metacpan
MARC::Moose::Parser::Marcxml Parser for MARXML records 1.000034 metacpan
MARC::Moose::Parser::MarcxmlSax Parser for MARXML records using SAX parser 1.000034 metacpan
MARC::Moose::Parser::MarcxmlSaxHandler SAX handler for parsing MARXML records 1.000034 metacpan
MARC::Moose::Parser::MarcxmlSaxSimple Parser for MARXML records using SAX::Simple parser 1.000034 metacpan
MARC::Moose::Parser::Yaml Parser for YAML records 1.000034 metacpan
MARC::Moose::Reader Base class for a reader returning MARC::Moose records 1.000034 metacpan
MARC::Moose::Reader::File A Moose::Role MARC::Moose::Record reader from a file 1.000034 metacpan
MARC::Moose::Reader::File::Isis A file reader for ISIS (DOS) encoded records 1.000034 metacpan
MARC::Moose::Reader::File::Iso2709 File reader for MARC::Moose record from ISO2709 file 1.000034 metacpan
MARC::Moose::Reader::File::Marcxml File reader for MARCXML file 1.000034 metacpan
MARC::Moose::Reader::String A Moose::Role reader from a string 1.000034 metacpan
MARC::Moose::Reader::String::Iso2709 File reader for MARC::Moose record from ISO2709 string 1.000034 metacpan
MARC::Moose::Record MARC::Moose bibliographic record 1.000034 metacpan
MARC::Moose::Writer A Moose::Role to write somewhere MARC::Moose records 1.000034 metacpan

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