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Error: SDL-Tutorial-3DWorld-0.33/lib/SDL/Tutorial/3DWorld/ -- Around line 42: =cut found outside a pod block. Skipping to next block. SDL-Tutorial-3DWorld-0.33/lib/SDL/Tutorial/3DWorld/ -- Around line 262: =cut found outside a pod block. Skipping to next block. SDL-Tutorial-3DWorld-0.33/lib/SDL/Tutorial/3DWorld/ -- Around line 242: =cut found outside a pod block. Skipping to next block.


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Name Abstract Version View
SDL::Tutorial::3DWorld Create a 3D world from scratch with SDL and OpenGL 0.33 metacpan
SDL::Tutorial::3DWorld::3DS Support for loading 3D models from 3DS files 0.33 metacpan
SDL::Tutorial::3DWorld::3DS::Chunk 0.33 metacpan
SDL::Tutorial::3DWorld::Actor A moving object within the game world 0.33 metacpan
SDL::Tutorial::3DWorld::Actor::Billboard 0.33 metacpan
SDL::Tutorial::3DWorld::Actor::Debug 0.33 metacpan
SDL::Tutorial::3DWorld::Actor::GridCube A grid-snapping 3D wireframe cube 0.33 metacpan
SDL::Tutorial::3DWorld::Actor::GridPlane 0.33 metacpan
SDL::Tutorial::3DWorld::Actor::GridSelect 0.33 metacpan
SDL::Tutorial::3DWorld::Actor::Hedron 0.33 metacpan
SDL::Tutorial::3DWorld::Actor::MaterialSampler A demonstrator for MTL files 0.33 metacpan
SDL::Tutorial::3DWorld::Actor::Model An actor loaded from a RWX file 0.33 metacpan
SDL::Tutorial::3DWorld::Actor::Sprite 0.33 metacpan
SDL::Tutorial::3DWorld::Actor::SpriteOct 0.33 metacpan
SDL::Tutorial::3DWorld::Actor::TV 0.33 metacpan
SDL::Tutorial::3DWorld::Actor::Teapot A moving teapot within the game world 0.33 metacpan
SDL::Tutorial::3DWorld::Actor::TextureCube Crates, companions and more... 0.33 metacpan
SDL::Tutorial::3DWorld::Actor::TronBit An attempt to create "Bit" from Tron 0.33 metacpan
SDL::Tutorial::3DWorld::Asset Abstracts a directory of model resources 0.33 metacpan
SDL::Tutorial::3DWorld::Bound 0.33 metacpan
SDL::Tutorial::3DWorld::Camera A movable viewpoint in the game world 0.33 metacpan
SDL::Tutorial::3DWorld::Camera::God A "God Mode" flying person camera 0.33 metacpan
SDL::Tutorial::3DWorld::Console A text-mode overlay for the world 0.33 metacpan
SDL::Tutorial::3DWorld::Fog 0.33 metacpan
SDL::Tutorial::3DWorld::Landscape The static 3D environment of the world 0.33 metacpan
SDL::Tutorial::3DWorld::Landscape::Infinite An infinite ground plane 0.33 metacpan
SDL::Tutorial::3DWorld::Light A light source in the 3D world 0.33 metacpan
SDL::Tutorial::3DWorld::MTL Support for loading material libraries from MTL files 0.33 metacpan
SDL::Tutorial::3DWorld::Material 0.33 metacpan
SDL::Tutorial::3DWorld::Mesh 0.33 metacpan
SDL::Tutorial::3DWorld::Mesh::VBA 0.33 metacpan
SDL::Tutorial::3DWorld::Model Generic support for on disk model parsers 0.33 metacpan
SDL::Tutorial::3DWorld::OBJ Support for loading 3D models from OBJ files 0.33 metacpan
SDL::Tutorial::3DWorld::OpenGL Utility package for initialising OpenGL 0.33 metacpan
SDL::Tutorial::3DWorld::RWX Support for loading 3D models from RWX files 0.33 metacpan
SDL::Tutorial::3DWorld::Skybox Better than a uniform sky colour 0.33 metacpan
SDL::Tutorial::3DWorld::Texture A texture API simple enough for mere mortals 0.33 metacpan

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