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Neo4j::Driver Neo4j community graph database driver for Bolt and HTTP 0.28 metacpan
Neo4j::Driver::Net::Bolt 0.28 metacpan
Neo4j::Driver::Net::HTTP 0.28 metacpan
Neo4j::Driver::Net::HTTP::LWP HTTP agent adapter for libwww-perl 0.28 metacpan
Neo4j::Driver::Record Container for Cypher result values 0.28 metacpan
Neo4j::Driver::Result Result of running a Cypher statement (a stream of records) 0.28 metacpan
Neo4j::Driver::Result::Bolt Bolt result handler 0.28 metacpan
Neo4j::Driver::Result::JSON JSON/REST result handler 0.28 metacpan
Neo4j::Driver::Result::Jolt Jolt result handler 0.28 metacpan
Neo4j::Driver::Result::Text Fallback handler for result errors 0.28 metacpan
Neo4j::Driver::ResultColumns 0.28 metacpan
Neo4j::Driver::ResultSummary Details about the result of running a statement 0.28 metacpan
Neo4j::Driver::ServerInfo Provides Neo4j server address and version 0.28 metacpan
Neo4j::Driver::Session Context of work for database interactions 0.28 metacpan
Neo4j::Driver::StatementResult DEPRECATED (renamed to Neo4j::Driver::Result) 0.28 metacpan
Neo4j::Driver::SummaryCounters Statement statistics 0.28 metacpan
Neo4j::Driver::Transaction Logical container for an atomic unit of work 0.28 metacpan
Neo4j::Driver::Type::Node Describes a node from a Neo4j graph 0.28 metacpan
Neo4j::Driver::Type::Path Directed sequence of relationships between two nodes 0.28 metacpan
Neo4j::Driver::Type::Point Represents a Neo4j spatial point value 0.28 metacpan
Neo4j::Driver::Type::Relationship Describes a relationship from a Neo4j graph 0.28 metacpan
Neo4j::Driver::Type::Temporal Represents a Neo4j temporal value 0.28 metacpan

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