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Add a META.yml to the distribution. Your buildtool should be able to autogenerate it.


List all used modules in META.yml requires


  • Class::Accessor
  • Class::Factory
  • DBI
  • Devel::StackTrace
  • Net::LDAP
  • Net::LDAP::Entry
  • Net::LDAP::Util


Split the distribution, or fix the version numbers to make them consistent (use the highest version number to avoid version downgrade).

Error: 0.76,1.03,1.06,3.01,3.02,3.03,3.04,3.05,3.06,3.07,3.11


Add a META.json to the distribution. Your buildtool should be able to autogenerate it.


Define the license if you are using in Build.PL. If you are using MakeMaker (Makefile.PL) you should upgrade to ExtUtils::MakeMaker version 6.31.


Use the prompt() method from ExtUtils::MakeMaker/Module::Build.


List all modules used in the test suite in META.yml test_requires


  • Class::Date
  • Time::Piece


Add 'use warnings' (or its equivalents) to all modules, or convince us that your favorite module is well-known enough and people can easily see the modules warn when something bad happens.

Error: SPOPS, SPOPS::ClassFactory, SPOPS::ClassFactory::DBI, SPOPS::ClassFactory::DefaultBehavior, SPOPS::ClassFactory::LDAP, SPOPS::DBI, SPOPS::DBI::InterBase, SPOPS::DBI::MySQL, SPOPS::DBI::Oracle, SPOPS::DBI::Pg, SPOPS::DBI::SQLite, SPOPS::DBI::Sybase, SPOPS::DBI::TypeInfo, SPOPS::Error, SPOPS::Exception, SPOPS::Exception::DBI, SPOPS::Exception::LDAP, SPOPS::Exception::Security, SPOPS::Export, SPOPS::Export::DBI::Data, SPOPS::Export::Object, SPOPS::Export::Perl, SPOPS::Export::SQL, SPOPS::Export::XML, SPOPS::GDBM, SPOPS::HashFile, SPOPS::Import, SPOPS::Import::DBI::Data, SPOPS::Import::DBI::Table, SPOPS::Import::DBI::TableTransform, SPOPS::Import::DBI::TableTransform::InterBase, SPOPS::Import::DBI::TableTransform::MySQL, SPOPS::Import::DBI::TableTransform::Oracle, SPOPS::Import::DBI::TableTransform::Pg, SPOPS::Import::DBI::TableTransform::SQLite, SPOPS::Import::DBI::TableTransform::Sybase, SPOPS::Import::Object, SPOPS::Initialize, SPOPS::Iterator, SPOPS::Iterator::DBI, SPOPS::Iterator::LDAP, SPOPS::Iterator::WrapList, SPOPS::Key::DBI::HandleField, SPOPS::Key::DBI::Identity, SPOPS::Key::DBI::Pool, SPOPS::Key::DBI::Sequence, SPOPS::Key::Random, SPOPS::Key::UUID, SPOPS::LDAP, SPOPS::LDAP::MultiDatasource, SPOPS::Loopback, SPOPS::SQLInterface, SPOPS::Secure, SPOPS::Secure::DBI, SPOPS::Secure::Hierarchy, SPOPS::Secure::Loopback, SPOPS::Secure::Util, SPOPS::Tie, SPOPS::Tie::StrictField, SPOPS::Tool::CreateOnly, SPOPS::Tool::DBI::Datasource, SPOPS::Tool::DBI::DiscoverField, SPOPS::Tool::DBI::FindDefaults, SPOPS::Tool::DBI::MaintainLinkedList, SPOPS::Tool::DateConvert, SPOPS::Tool::LDAP::Datasource, SPOPS::Tool::ReadOnly, SPOPS::Tool::UTFConvert, SPOPS::Utility


Name Abstract Version View
SPOPS Simple Perl Object Persistence with Security 0.76 metacpan
SPOPS::ClassFactory Create SPOPS classes from configuration and code 3.03 metacpan
SPOPS::ClassFactory::DBI Define additional configuration methods 3.03 metacpan
SPOPS::ClassFactory::DefaultBehavior Default configuration methods called from 3.05 metacpan
SPOPS::ClassFactory::LDAP Create relationships among LDAP objects 3.01 metacpan
SPOPS::DBI Implement SPOPS class, serializing into a DBI database 3.11 metacpan
SPOPS::DBI::InterBase InterBase-specific routines for the SPOPS::DBI 3.02 metacpan
SPOPS::DBI::MySQL MySQL-specific code for DBI collections 3.02 metacpan
SPOPS::DBI::Oracle Oracle-specific routines for the SPOPS::DBI 3.02 metacpan
SPOPS::DBI::Pg PostgreSQL-specific routines for the SPOPS::DBI 3.02 metacpan
SPOPS::DBI::SQLite SQLite-specific code for DBI collections 3.03 metacpan
SPOPS::DBI::Sybase Sybase-specific routines for the SPOPS::DBI 3.03 metacpan
SPOPS::DBI::TypeInfo Represent type information for a single table metacpan
SPOPS::Error (DEPRECATED) Centralized error messages from all SPOPS objects. 3.02 metacpan
SPOPS::Exception Base class for exceptions in SPOPS 3.03 metacpan
SPOPS::Exception::DBI SPOPS exception with extra DBI parameters 3.02 metacpan
SPOPS::Exception::LDAP SPOPS exception with extra LDAP parameters 3.01 metacpan
SPOPS::Exception::Security SPOPS exception with extra security parameters 3.01 metacpan
SPOPS::Export Export SPOPS objects to various formats 3.03 metacpan
SPOPS::Export::DBI::Data Export SPOPS objects as data for importing directly into a DBI table 3.02 metacpan
SPOPS::Export::Object Dump SPOPS objects to a portable format 3.02 metacpan
SPOPS::Export::Perl Dump SPOPS objects to a pure serialized Perl format 3.02 metacpan
SPOPS::Export::SQL Export SPOPS objects as a series of SQL statements 3.02 metacpan
SPOPS::Export::XML Export SPOPS objects in XML format 3.02 metacpan
SPOPS::GDBM Store SPOPS objects in a GDBM database 3.02 metacpan
SPOPS::HashFile Implement as objects files containing perl hashrefs dumped to text 3.01 metacpan
SPOPS::Import Factory and parent for importing SPOPS objects 3.05 metacpan
SPOPS::Import::DBI::Data Import raw data to a DBI table 3.02 metacpan
SPOPS::Import::DBI::Table Import a DBI table structure 3.05 metacpan
SPOPS::Import::DBI::TableTransform Factory class for database-specific transformations 3.06 metacpan
SPOPS::Import::DBI::TableTransform::InterBase Table transformations for InterBase/FirebirdSQL 3.02 metacpan
SPOPS::Import::DBI::TableTransform::MySQL Table transformations for MySQL 3.02 metacpan
SPOPS::Import::DBI::TableTransform::Oracle Table transformations for Oracle 3.02 metacpan
SPOPS::Import::DBI::TableTransform::Pg Table transformations for PostgreSQL 3.02 metacpan
SPOPS::Import::DBI::TableTransform::SQLite Table transformations for SQLite 3.02 metacpan
SPOPS::Import::DBI::TableTransform::Sybase Table transformations for Sybase/MSSQL 3.02 metacpan
SPOPS::Import::Object Import SPOPS objects 3.04 metacpan
SPOPS::Initialize Provide methods for initializing groups of SPOPS objects at once 3.02 metacpan
SPOPS::Iterator Class to cycle through results and return SPOPS objects 3.01 metacpan
SPOPS::Iterator::DBI Implementation of SPOPS::Iterator for SPOPS::DBI 3.01 metacpan
SPOPS::Iterator::LDAP Implementation of SPOPS::Iterator for SPOPS::LDAP 3.01 metacpan
SPOPS::Iterator::WrapList SPOPS::Iterator wrapper around object lists 3.02 metacpan
SPOPS::Key::DBI::HandleField Retrieve an auto-increment value from a DBI statement or database handle 3.02 metacpan
SPOPS::Key::DBI::Identity Retrieve IDENTITY values from a supported DBI database 3.02 metacpan
SPOPS::Key::DBI::Pool Retrieves ID field information from a pool 3.02 metacpan
SPOPS::Key::DBI::Sequence Retrieve sequence values from a supported DBI database 3.02 metacpan
SPOPS::Key::Random Creates a random alphanumeric code for the ID field 3.02 metacpan
SPOPS::Key::UUID Creates a Universally Unique ID (UUID) as a key 3.02 metacpan
SPOPS::LDAP Implement object persistence in an LDAP datastore 3.02 metacpan
SPOPS::LDAP::MultiDatasource SPOPS::LDAP functionality but fetching objects from multiple datasources 3.01 metacpan
SPOPS::Loopback Simple SPOPS class used for testing rules and other goodies 3.06 metacpan
SPOPS::SQLInterface Generic routines for DBI database interaction 3.04 metacpan
SPOPS::Secure Implement security across one or more classes of SPOPS objects 3.07 metacpan
SPOPS::Secure::DBI 1.06 metacpan
SPOPS::Secure::Hierarchy Define hierarchical security 3.02 metacpan
SPOPS::Secure::Loopback Security object implementation for testing (loopback) objects 1.03 metacpan
SPOPS::Secure::Util Common utilities for SPOPS::Secure and subclasses metacpan
SPOPS::Tie Simple class implementing tied hash with some goodies 3.03 metacpan
SPOPS::Tie::StrictField Enable field checking for SPOPS objects 3.01 metacpan
SPOPS::Tool::CreateOnly Make a particular object create-only -- it cannot be updated 3.01 metacpan
SPOPS::Tool::DBI::Datasource Embed the parameters for a DBI handle in object configuration 3.03 metacpan
SPOPS::Tool::DBI::DiscoverField SPOPS::ClassFactory rule implementing autofield discovery 3.03 metacpan
SPOPS::Tool::DBI::FindDefaults Load default values from a particular record 3.01 metacpan
SPOPS::Tool::DBI::MaintainLinkedList Support objects that automatically maintain a link to the previous and next objects 1.03 metacpan
SPOPS::Tool::DateConvert Convert dates to objects to/from your datastore metacpan
SPOPS::Tool::LDAP::Datasource Embed the parameters for a LDAP handle in object configuration 3.01 metacpan
SPOPS::Tool::ReadOnly Make a particular object read-only 3.01 metacpan
SPOPS::Tool::UTFConvert Provide automatic UTF-8 conversion 3.01 metacpan
SPOPS::Utility Utility methods for SPOPS objects 3.03 metacpan


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SPOPS::TieFileHash SPOPS/ metacpan

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