Kwalitee Issues


Add =head1 LICENSE and the text of the license to the main module in your code.


Add a META.yml to the distribution. Your buildtool should be able to autogenerate it.


Remove the POD errors. You can check for POD errors automatically by including Test::Pod to your test suite.

Error: *** ERROR: unresolved internal link 'Class Names' at line 598 in file Alzabo-0.32/lib/Alzabo/ *** ERROR: unresolved internal link 'new' at line 592 in file Alzabo-0.32/lib/Alzabo/ *** ERROR: unresolved internal link '_subselect' at line 950 in file Alzabo-0.32/lib/Alzabo/ *** ERROR: unresolved internal link 'rows and cursors' at line 81 in file Alzabo-0.32/lib/


List all used modules in META.yml requires


  • DBD::Pg
  • DBD::mysql
  • DBI
  • Exception::Class
  • Exception::Class::Base
  • IPC::Shareable
  • Tie::IxHash


Add 'use strict' (or its equivalents) to all modules, or convince us that your favorite module is well-known enough and people can easily see the modules are strictly written.

Error: Alzabo, Alzabo::ChangeTracker, Alzabo::Create, Alzabo::ObjectCache::MemoryStore, Alzabo::Runtime


Split the distribution, or fix the version numbers to make them consistent (use the highest version number to avoid version downgrade).

Error: 0.32,1.02,1.03,1.04,1.06,1.07,1.08,1.09,1.10,1.11,1.13,1.14,1.15,1.16,1.17,1.23,1.26,1.27,1.30,1.32,1.36,1.37,1.39,1.42,1.52


Add =head1 LICENSE and/or the proper text of the well-known license to the main module in your code.


Add a META.json to the distribution. Your buildtool should be able to autogenerate it.


Define the license if you are using in Build.PL. If you are using MakeMaker (Makefile.PL) you should upgrade to ExtUtils::MakeMaker version 6.31.


Modify the stub. You might need to modify other stubs (for name, synopsis, license, etc) as well.

Error: Alzabo::RDBMSRules::MySQL,Alzabo::RDBMSRules::PostgreSQL


Add 'use warnings' (or its equivalents) to all modules (this will require perl > 5.6), or convince us that your favorite module is well-known enough and people can easily see the modules warn when something bad happens.

Error: Alzabo, Alzabo::ChangeTracker, Alzabo::Column, Alzabo::ColumnDefinition, Alzabo::Create, Alzabo::Create::Column, Alzabo::Create::ColumnDefinition, Alzabo::Create::ForeignKey, Alzabo::Create::Index, Alzabo::Create::Schema, Alzabo::Create::Table, Alzabo::Driver, Alzabo::Driver::MySQL, Alzabo::Driver::PostgreSQL, Alzabo::Exceptions, Alzabo::ForeignKey, Alzabo::Index, Alzabo::MethodMaker, Alzabo::ObjectCache, Alzabo::ObjectCache::DBMSync, Alzabo::ObjectCache::IPCSync, Alzabo::ObjectCache::MemoryStore, Alzabo::ObjectCache::NullSync, Alzabo::ObjectCache::Sync, Alzabo::RDBMSRules, Alzabo::RDBMSRules::MySQL, Alzabo::RDBMSRules::PostgreSQL, Alzabo::Runtime, Alzabo::Runtime::Column, Alzabo::Runtime::ColumnDefinition, Alzabo::Runtime::Cursor, Alzabo::Runtime::ForeignKey, Alzabo::Runtime::Index, Alzabo::Runtime::JoinCursor, Alzabo::Runtime::Row, Alzabo::Runtime::RowCursor, Alzabo::Runtime::Schema, Alzabo::Runtime::Table, Alzabo::SQLMaker, Alzabo::SQLMaker::MySQL, Alzabo::SQLMaker::PostgreSQL, Alzabo::Schema, Alzabo::Table, Alzabo::Util, PreInstall::Config


Name Abstract Version View
Alzabo A data modelling tool and RDBMS-OO mapper 0.32 metacpan
Alzabo::ChangeTracker Saves a set of changes as callbacks that can be backed out if needed 1.11 metacpan
Alzabo::Column Column objects 1.23 metacpan
Alzabo::ColumnDefinition Holds the type attribute for a column 1.14 metacpan
Alzabo::Create Loads all Alzabo::Create::* classes 1.09 metacpan
Alzabo::Create::Column Column objects for use in schema creation 1.26 metacpan
Alzabo::Create::ColumnDefinition Column definition object for schema creation 1.16 metacpan
Alzabo::Create::ForeignKey Foreign key objects for schema creation. 1.17 metacpan
Alzabo::Create::Index Index objects for schema creation 1.15 metacpan
Alzabo::Create::Schema Schema objects for schema creation 1.52 metacpan
Alzabo::Create::Table Table objects for schema creation 1.36 metacpan
Alzabo::Driver Alzabo base class for RDBMS drivers 1.39 metacpan
Alzabo::Driver::MySQL MySQL specific Alzabo driver subclass 1.27 metacpan
Alzabo::Driver::PostgreSQL PostgreSQL specific Alzabo driver subclass 1.06 metacpan
Alzabo::Exceptions Creates all exception subclasses used in Alzabo. 1.14 metacpan
Alzabo::ForeignKey Foreign key (relation) objects 1.17 metacpan
Alzabo::Index Index objects 1.15 metacpan
Alzabo::MethodMaker Auto-generate useful methods based on an existing schema 1.17 metacpan
Alzabo::ObjectCache A simple in-memory cache for row objects. 1.13 metacpan
Alzabo::ObjectCache::DBMSync Uses a DBM file to sync object caches 1.04 metacpan
Alzabo::ObjectCache::IPCSync Uses a IPC file to sync object caches 1.04 metacpan
Alzabo::ObjectCache::MemoryStore Cache objects in memory 1.03 metacpan
Alzabo::ObjectCache::NullSync No inter-process cache syncing 1.02 metacpan
Alzabo::ObjectCache::Sync Base class for syncing classes 1.04 metacpan
Alzabo::RDBMSRules Base class for Alzabo RDBMS rulesets 1.30 metacpan
Alzabo::RDBMSRules::MySQL Perl extension for blah blah blah 1.37 metacpan
Alzabo::RDBMSRules::PostgreSQL Perl extension for blah blah blah 1.08 metacpan
Alzabo::Runtime Loads all Alzabo::Runtime::* classes 1.13 metacpan
Alzabo::Runtime::Column Column objects 1.04 metacpan
Alzabo::Runtime::ColumnDefinition Column definition objects 1.04 metacpan
Alzabo::Runtime::Cursor Base class for Alzabo cursors 1.08 metacpan
Alzabo::Runtime::ForeignKey Foreign key objects 1.15 metacpan
Alzabo::Runtime::Index Index objects 1.03 metacpan
Alzabo::Runtime::JoinCursor Cursor that returns arrays of C<Alzabo::Runtime::Row> objects 1.08 metacpan
Alzabo::Runtime::Row Row objects 1.42 metacpan
Alzabo::Runtime::RowCursor Cursor that returns C<Alzabo::Runtime::Row> objects 1.10 metacpan
Alzabo::Runtime::Schema Schema objects 1.23 metacpan
Alzabo::Runtime::Table Table objects 1.36 metacpan
Alzabo::SQLMaker Alzabo base class for RDBMS drivers 1.10 metacpan
Alzabo::SQLMaker::MySQL Alzabo SQL making class for MySQL 1.06 metacpan
Alzabo::SQLMaker::PostgreSQL Alzabo SQL making class for PostgreSQL 1.04 metacpan
Alzabo::Schema Schema objects 1.30 metacpan
Alzabo::Table Table objects 1.32 metacpan
Alzabo::Util Utility functions for Alzabo 1.07 metacpan


Name File View
Alzabo::Config lib/PreInstall/ metacpan
Alzabo::DriverStatement lib/Alzabo/ metacpan
Alzabo::Exception::Driver lib/Alzabo/ metacpan

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