Kwalitee Issues


Add a META.yml to the distribution. Your buildtool should be able to autogenerate it.


List all used modules in META.yml requires


  • Class::MakeMethods
  • Class::MakeMethods::Composite::Hash
  • Class::MakeMethods::Composite::Inheritable
  • Class::MakeMethods::Standard::Hash
  • Class::MakeMethods::Standard::Universal
  • Class::MakeMethods::Template
  • Class::MakeMethods::Template::Hash
  • DBIx::SQLEngine
  • DBIx::SQLEngine::Criteria
  • DBIx::SQLEngine::Criteria::And
  • DBIx::SQLEngine::Criteria::StringEquality


Add a META.json to the distribution. Your buildtool should be able to autogenerate it.


Add tests or move to the t/ directory!


Define the license if you are using in Build.PL. If you are using MakeMaker (Makefile.PL) you should upgrade to ExtUtils::MakeMaker version 6.31.


Add 'use warnings' (or its equivalents) to all modules, or convince us that your favorite module is well-known enough and people can easily see the modules warn when something bad happens.

Error: DBIx::DBO2, DBIx::DBO2::Column, DBIx::DBO2::ColumnSet, DBIx::DBO2::Fields, DBIx::DBO2::Record, DBIx::DBO2::RecordSet, DBIx::DBO2::Table, DBIx::DBO2::TableSet, MyCDs, MyCDs::Artist, MyCDs::Disc, MyCDs::Genre, MyCDs::Track


This is not a critical issue. Currently mainly informative for the CPANTS authors. It might be removed later.


Name Abstract Version View
DBIx::DBO2 Objects mapping to SQL relational structures 0.005 metacpan
DBIx::DBO2::Column Struct for database column info metacpan
DBIx::DBO2::ColumnSet Array of DBIx::DBO2::Column objects metacpan
DBIx::DBO2::Fields Construct methods for database fields metacpan
DBIx::DBO2::Record A row in a table in a datasource metacpan
DBIx::DBO2::RecordSet A sequential group of Record objects metacpan
DBIx::DBO2::Table A table in a datasource metacpan
DBIx::DBO2::TableSet Group of tables and associated record classes metacpan
MyCDs Testng and example clases for DBIx::DBO2 metacpan
MyCDs::Artist metacpan
MyCDs::Disc metacpan
MyCDs::Genre metacpan
MyCDs::Track metacpan


Name File View
DBIx::DBO2::Column::text DBO2/ metacpan

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MANIFEST metacpan
Makefile.PL metacpan
README metacpan