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Name Abstract Version View
Test::Stream **DEPRECATED** See Test2-Suite instead 1.302027 metacpan
Test::Stream::Bundle Tools to help you write custom bundles. metacpan
Test::Stream::Bundle::Classic Bundle that emulates most of L<Test::More>. metacpan
Test::Stream::Bundle::SpecTester Spec + the Tester bundle metacpan
Test::Stream::Bundle::Tester Bundle for testing test tools. metacpan
Test::Stream::Bundle::V1 Preferred bundle used by Test::Stream author. metacpan
Test::Stream::Capabilities Check if the current system has various capabilities. metacpan
Test::Stream::Compare Tools for comparing data structures. metacpan
Test::Stream::Compare::Array Internal representation of an array comparison. metacpan
Test::Stream::Compare::Custom Custom field check for comparisons. metacpan
Test::Stream::Compare::Event Event specific Object subclass. metacpan
Test::Stream::Compare::EventMeta Meta class for events in deep comparisons metacpan
Test::Stream::Compare::Hash Representation of a hash in a deep comparison. metacpan
Test::Stream::Compare::Meta Check library for meta-checks metacpan
Test::Stream::Compare::Number Compare 2 values as numbers metacpan
Test::Stream::Compare::Object Representation of an object during deep comparison. metacpan
Test::Stream::Compare::Pattern Use a pattern to validate values in a deep comparison. metacpan
Test::Stream::Compare::Ref Ref comparison metacpan
Test::Stream::Compare::Regex Regex direct comparison metacpan
Test::Stream::Compare::Scalar Representation of a Scalar Ref in deep comparisons metacpan
Test::Stream::Compare::Set Allows a field to be matched against a set of checks. metacpan
Test::Stream::Compare::String Compare 2 values as strings metacpan
Test::Stream::Compare::Undef Check that something is undefined metacpan
Test::Stream::Compare::Value Compare a value in deep comparisons. metacpan
Test::Stream::Compare::Wildcard Placeholder check. metacpan
Test::Stream::Context Object to represent a testing context. metacpan
Test::Stream::DebugInfo Debug information for events metacpan
Test::Stream::DeferredTests Write tests that get executaed at a later time metacpan
Test::Stream::Delta Representation of differences between nested data structures. metacpan
Test::Stream::Event Base class for events metacpan
Test::Stream::Event::Bail Bailout! metacpan
Test::Stream::Event::Diag Diag event type metacpan
Test::Stream::Event::Exception Exception event metacpan
Test::Stream::Event::Note Note event type metacpan
Test::Stream::Event::Ok Ok event type metacpan
Test::Stream::Event::Plan The event of a plan metacpan
Test::Stream::Event::Subtest Event for subtest types metacpan
Test::Stream::Event::Waiting Tell all procs/threads it is time to be done metacpan
Test::Stream::Exporter Declarative exporter for Test::Stream and friends. metacpan
Test::Stream::Exporter::Meta Meta object for exporters. metacpan
Test::Stream::Formatter Namespace for formatters. metacpan
Test::Stream::Formatter::TAP Standard TAP formatter metacpan
Test::Stream::HashBase Base class for classes that use a hashref of a hash. metacpan
Test::Stream::Hub The conduit through which all events flow. metacpan
Test::Stream::Hub::Interceptor Hub used by interceptor to grab results. metacpan
Test::Stream::Hub::Interceptor::Terminator Exception class used by Test::Stream::Hub::Interceptor metacpan
Test::Stream::Hub::Subtest Hub used by subtests metacpan
Test::Stream::IPC Base class for Test::Stream IPC drivers. metacpan
Test::Stream::IPC::Files Temp dir + Files concurrency model. metacpan
Test::Stream::Mock Module for managing mocked classes and instances. metacpan
Test::Stream::Plugin Simple helper for writing plugins metacpan
Test::Stream::Plugin::AuthorTest Only run a test when AUTHOR_TESTING is true. metacpan
Test::Stream::Plugin::BailOnFail Automatically bail out of testing on the first test failure. metacpan
Test::Stream::Plugin::CanFork Skip a test file unless the system supports forking metacpan
Test::Stream::Plugin::CanThread Skip a test file unless the system supports threading metacpan
Test::Stream::Plugin::Capabilities Import constants to check the capabilities of the current system. metacpan
Test::Stream::Plugin::Capture Plugin for capturing STDERR and STDOUT. metacpan
Test::Stream::Plugin::Class Plugin for loading and aliasing the package you are testing. metacpan
Test::Stream::Plugin::Classic Classing (Test::More) style is and is_deeply. metacpan
Test::Stream::Plugin::Compare Tools for comparing deep data structures. metacpan
Test::Stream::Plugin::Context Plugin to expose the context function. metacpan
Test::Stream::Plugin::Core Test::Stream implementation of the core testing tools. metacpan
Test::Stream::Plugin::Defer Write tests that get executaed at a later time metacpan
Test::Stream::Plugin::DieOnFail Automatically die on the first test failure. metacpan
Test::Stream::Plugin::Exception Simple tools to help test exceptions. metacpan
Test::Stream::Plugin::ExitSummary Add extra diagnostics on failure at the end of the test. metacpan
Test::Stream::Plugin::Grab Object used to temporarily intercept all events. metacpan
Test::Stream::Plugin::IPC Plugin to load and configure IPC support. metacpan
Test::Stream::Plugin::Intercept Tool for intercepting test events. metacpan
Test::Stream::Plugin::LoadPlugin Load a plugin with full Test::Stream semantics, but at runtime. metacpan
Test::Stream::Plugin::Mock Class/Instance mocking for Test::Stream. metacpan
Test::Stream::Plugin::SRand Control the random seed for more controlled test environments. metacpan
Test::Stream::Plugin::SkipWithout Plugin to skip tests if certain package requirements are not met. metacpan
Test::Stream::Plugin::Spec SPEC testing tools metacpan
Test::Stream::Plugin::Subtest Tools for writing subtests metacpan
Test::Stream::Plugin::TAP Plugin to set TAP as the default output formatter. metacpan
Test::Stream::Plugin::UTF8 Test::Stream plugin that enables utf8. metacpan
Test::Stream::Plugin::Warnings Simple tools for testing code that may generate warnings. metacpan
Test::Stream::Stack Object to manage a stack of L<Test::Stream::Hub> instances. metacpan
Test::Stream::State Representation of the state of the testing metacpan
Test::Stream::Sync Primary Synchronization point, this is where global stuff lives. metacpan
Test::Stream::Table Format a header and rows into a table metacpan
Test::Stream::Table::LineBreak Break up lines for use in tables. metacpan
Test::Stream::Util Tools used by Test::Stream and friends. metacpan
Test::Stream::Workflow Interface for writing 'workflow' tools such as RSPEC implementations that all play nicely together. metacpan
Test::Stream::Workflow::Meta Meta-data for tests using workflows metacpan
Test::Stream::Workflow::Runner Simple runner for workflows. metacpan
Test::Stream::Workflow::Task Compiled form of a unit. metacpan
Test::Stream::Workflow::Unit Representation of a workflow unit. metacpan

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