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Error: t2/lib/App/Yath/Plugin/, t2/


Add all modules contained in this distribution to the META.yml field 'provides'. Module::Build or Dist::Zilla::Plugin::MetaProvides do this automatically for you.


Name Abstract Version View
App::Yath Yet Another Test Harness (Test2-Harness) Command Line Interface (CLI) 1.000101 metacpan
App::Yath::Command Base class for yath commands 1.000101 metacpan
App::Yath::Command::abort Abort all currently running or queued tests without killing the runner 1.000101 metacpan
App::Yath::Command::auditor For internal use only 1.000101 metacpan
App::Yath::Command::collector For internal use only 1.000101 metacpan
App::Yath::Command::do Run tests using 'run' or 'test', same as the default command, but explicit. 1.000101 metacpan
App::Yath::Command::failed Replay a test run from an event log 1.000101 metacpan
App::Yath::Command::help Show the list of commands 1.000101 metacpan
App::Yath::Command::init Create/update to run tests via Test2::Harness 1.000101 metacpan
App::Yath::Command::kill Kill the runner and any running or pending tests 1.000101 metacpan
App::Yath::Command::projects Run tests for multiple projects 1.000101 metacpan
App::Yath::Command::ps Process list for the runner 1.000101 metacpan
App::Yath::Command::reload Reload the persistent test runner 1.000101 metacpan
App::Yath::Command::replay Replay a test run from an event log 1.000101 metacpan
App::Yath::Command::run Run tests using the persistent test runner 1.000101 metacpan
App::Yath::Command::runner For internal use only 1.000101 metacpan
App::Yath::Command::spawn Launch a perl script from the preloaded environment 1.000101 metacpan
App::Yath::Command::speedtag Tag tests with duration (short medium long) using a source log 1.000101 metacpan
App::Yath::Command::start Start the persistent test runner 1.000101 metacpan
App::Yath::Command::status Status info and process lists for the runner 1.000101 metacpan
App::Yath::Command::stop Stop the persistent test runner 1.000101 metacpan
App::Yath::Command::test Run tests 1.000101 metacpan
App::Yath::Command::times Get times from a test log 1.000101 metacpan
App::Yath::Command::watch Monitor the persistent test runner 1.000101 metacpan
App::Yath::Command::which Locate the persistent test runner 1.000101 metacpan
App::Yath::Converting Things you may need to change in your tests before you can use yath. 1.000101 metacpan
App::Yath::Option Representation of a yath option. 1.000101 metacpan
App::Yath::Options Tools for defining and tracking yath CLI options. 1.000101 metacpan
App::Yath::Options::Collector collector options for Yath. 1.000101 metacpan
App::Yath::Options::Debug Debug options for Yath 1.000101 metacpan
App::Yath::Options::Display Display options for Yath. 1.000101 metacpan
App::Yath::Options::Finder Finder options for Yath. 1.000101 metacpan
App::Yath::Options::Logging Logging options for yath 1.000101 metacpan
App::Yath::Options::Persist Persistent Runner options for Yath. 1.000101 metacpan
App::Yath::Options::PreCommand Options for yath before command is specified. 1.000101 metacpan
App::Yath::Options::Run Run options for Yath. 1.000101 metacpan
App::Yath::Options::Runner Runner options for Yath. 1.000101 metacpan
App::Yath::Options::Workspace Options for specifying the yath work dir. 1.000101 metacpan
App::Yath::Plugin Base class for yath plugins 1.000101 metacpan
App::Yath::Plugin::Cover Plugin to collect and report basic coverage data 1.000101 metacpan
App::Yath::Plugin::Git Plugin to attach git data to a test run. 1.000101 metacpan
App::Yath::Plugin::Notify Plugin to send email and/or slack notifications 1.000101 metacpan
App::Yath::Plugin::SelfTest metacpan
App::Yath::Plugin::SysInfo Plugin to attach system information to a run. 1.000101 metacpan
App::Yath::Plugin::YathUI Plugin to interact with a YathUI server 1.000101 metacpan
App::Yath::Tester Tools for testing yath 1.000101 metacpan
App::Yath::Util General utilities for yath that do not fit anywhere else. 1.000101 metacpan
Test2::Formatter::QVF Test2 formatter that is [Q]uiet but [V]erbose on [F]ailure. 1.000101 metacpan
Test2::Formatter::Stream Test2 Formatter that directly writes events. 1.000101 metacpan
Test2::Formatter::Test2 An alternative to TAP, used by Test2::Harness. 1.000101 metacpan
Test2::Formatter::Test2::Composer Compose output components from event facets 1.000101 metacpan
Test2::Harness A new and improved test harness with better L<Test2> integration. 1.000101 metacpan
Test2::Harness::Auditor Auditor that validates test results by processing an event stream. 1.000101 metacpan
Test2::Harness::Auditor::TimeTracker Module that tracks timing data while an event stream is processed. 1.000101 metacpan
Test2::Harness::Auditor::Watcher Class to monitor events for a single job and pass judgement on the result. 1.000101 metacpan
Test2::Harness::Collector Module that collects test output and provides it as an event stream. 1.000101 metacpan
Test2::Harness::Collector::JobDir Job Directory Parser, read events from an active jobs output directory. 1.000101 metacpan
Test2::Harness::Collector::TapParser Produce EventFacets from a line of TAP. 1.000101 metacpan
Test2::Harness::Event Subclass of Test2::Event used by Test2::Harness under the hood. 1.000101 metacpan
Test2::Harness::Finder Library that searches for test files 1.000101 metacpan
Test2::Harness::IPC Base class for modules that control child processes. 1.000101 metacpan
Test2::Harness::IPC::Process Base class for processes controlled by Test2::Harness::IPC. 1.000101 metacpan
Test2::Harness::Log Documentation about the L<Test2::Harness> log file. 1.000101 metacpan
Test2::Harness::Log::CoverageAggregator Module for aggregating coverage data from a stream of events. 1.000101 metacpan
Test2::Harness::Log::CoverageAggregator::ByRun Aggregate test data by run 1.000101 metacpan
Test2::Harness::Log::CoverageAggregator::ByTest Aggregate coverage by test 1.000101 metacpan
Test2::Harness::Plugin Base class for Test2::Harness plugins. 1.000101 metacpan
Test2::Harness::Renderer Base class for Test2::Harness event renderers. 1.000101 metacpan
Test2::Harness::Renderer::Formatter Renderer that uses any Test2::Formatter for rendering. 1.000101 metacpan
Test2::Harness::Run Representation of a set of tests to run, and their options. 1.000101 metacpan
Test2::Harness::Runner Base class for test runners 1.000101 metacpan
Test2::Harness::Runner::Constants Constants shared between multiple runner modules. 1.000101 metacpan
Test2::Harness::Runner::DepTracer Tool for tracing module dependencies as they are loaded. 1.000101 metacpan
Test2::Harness::Runner::Job Representation of a test job. 1.000101 metacpan
Test2::Harness::Runner::Preload DSL for building complex stage-based preload tools. 1.000101 metacpan
Test2::Harness::Runner::Preload::Stage Abstraction of a preload stage. 1.000101 metacpan
Test2::Harness::Runner::Preloader Preload logic. 1.000101 metacpan
Test2::Harness::Runner::Preloader::Stage Representation of a persistent stage process. 1.000101 metacpan
Test2::Harness::Runner::Resource Base class for resource management classes 1.000101 metacpan
Test2::Harness::Runner::Run Runner specific subclass of a test run. 1.000101 metacpan
Test2::Harness::Runner::Spawn Minimal job class used for spawning processes 1.000101 metacpan
Test2::Harness::Runner::State State tracking for the runner. 1.000101 metacpan
Test2::Harness::Settings Configuration settings for Test2::Harness. 1.000101 metacpan
Test2::Harness::Settings::Prefix Abstraction of a settings category, aka prefix. 1.000101 metacpan
Test2::Harness::TestFile Abstraction of a test file and its meta-data. 1.000101 metacpan
Test2::Harness::Util General utiliy functions. 1.000101 metacpan
Test2::Harness::Util::File Utility class for manipulating a file. 1.000101 metacpan
Test2::Harness::Util::File::JSON Utility class for a JSON file. 1.000101 metacpan
Test2::Harness::Util::File::JSONL Utility class for a JSONL file (stream) 1.000101 metacpan
Test2::Harness::Util::File::Stream Utility class for manipulating a file that serves as an output stream. 1.000101 metacpan
Test2::Harness::Util::File::Value Utility class for a file that contains exactly 1 value. 1.000101 metacpan
Test2::Harness::Util::HashBase Build hash based classes. 1.000101 metacpan
Test2::Harness::Util::IPC Utilities for IPC management. 1.000101 metacpan
Test2::Harness::Util::JSON Utility class to help Test2::Harness pick the best JSON implementation. 1.000101 metacpan
Test2::Harness::Util::Queue Representation of a queue. 1.000101 metacpan
Test2::Harness::Util::Term Terminal utilities for Test2::Harness 1.000101 metacpan
Test2::Harness::Util::UUID Utils for generating UUIDs. 1.000101 metacpan
Test2::Tools::HarnessTester Run events through a harness for a summary 1.000101 metacpan


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Test2::Harness::Runner::Spawn::Run lib/Test2/Harness/Runner/ metacpan

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