Kwalitee Issues


Run a proper command ("make manifest" or "./Build manifest", maybe with a force option), or use a distribution builder to generate the MANIFEST. Or update MANIFEST manually.


  • MANIFEST (58) does not match dist (50):
  • Missing in Dist: .project, .releaserc, ignore.txt, t/00-load.t, t/manifest.t, t/pod-coverage.t, t/pod.t, xt/boilerplate.t


Update MANIFEST.SKIP to exclude MYMETA files. If you are lazy, add "#!install_default" in your MANIFEST.SKIP and update your ExtUtils::Manifest if necessary, then some of the most common files will be excluded.


Remove the POD errors. You can check for POD errors automatically by including Test::Pod to your test suite.

Error: Metabolomics-Fragment-Anno tation-0.2/lib/Metabolomics/Fragment/ -- Around line 501: Non-ASCII character seen before =encoding in 'Δm/Monoisotopic'. Assuming CP1252


Split the distribution, or fix the version numbers to make them consistent (use the highest version number to avoid version downgrade).

Error: 0.1,0.2


Add =head1 LICENSE and/or the proper text of the well-known license to the main module in your code.


Add all modules contained in this distribution to the META.yml field 'provides'. Module::Build or Dist::Zilla::Plugin::MetaProvides do this automatically for you.


Add a 'repository' resource to the META.yml via 'meta_add' accessor (for Module::Build) or META_ADD parameter (for ExtUtils::MakeMaker).


Name Abstract Version View
Metabolomics::Banks Perl extension to build metabolite banks for metabolomics 0.1 metacpan
Metabolomics::Banks::AbInitioFragments 0.1 metacpan
Metabolomics::Banks::BloodExposome Perl extension for BloodExposome bank 0.1 metacpan
Metabolomics::Banks::MaConDa Perl extension for contaminants bank building 0.1 metacpan
Metabolomics::Formats::W4M Perl W4M extension of the metabolomics::fragment::annotation module 0.1 metacpan
Metabolomics::Fragment::Annotation Perl extension for fragment annotation in metabolomics 0.2 metacpan
Metabolomics::Utils Perl Utils extension metabolomics::fragment::annotation module 0.1 metacpan

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