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List all modules used in the test suite in META.yml build_requires


  • Pod::Coverage::TrustPod
  • Test::Kwalitee
  • Test::NoTabs
  • Test::Pod
  • Test::Pod::Coverage


Name Abstract Version View
Git::Hooks Framework for implementing Git (and Gerrit) hooks v2.9.9 metacpan
Git::Hooks::CheckAcls [DEPRECATED] Git::Hooks plugin for branch/tag access control v2.9.9 metacpan
Git::Hooks::CheckCommit Git::Hooks plugin to enforce commit policies v2.9.9 metacpan
Git::Hooks::CheckFile Git::Hooks plugin for checking files v2.9.9 metacpan
Git::Hooks::CheckJira Git::Hooks plugin which requires citation of JIRA issues in commit messages v2.9.9 metacpan
Git::Hooks::CheckLog Git::Hooks plugin to enforce commit log policies v2.9.9 metacpan
Git::Hooks::CheckReference Git::Hooks plugin for checking references v2.9.9 metacpan
Git::Hooks::CheckRewrite Git::Hooks plugin for checking against unsafe rewrites v2.9.9 metacpan
Git::Hooks::CheckWhitespace Git::Hooks plugin for checking whitespace errors v2.9.9 metacpan
Git::Hooks::GerritChangeId Git::Hooks plugin to insert a Change-Id in a commit message v2.9.9 metacpan
Git::Hooks::Notify Git::Hooks plugin to notify users via email v2.9.9 metacpan
Git::Hooks::PrepareLog Git::Hooks plugin to prepare commit messages before being edited v2.9.9 metacpan
Git::Hooks::Test Git::Hooks testing utilities v2.9.9 metacpan
Git::Message A Git commit message v2.9.9 metacpan
Git::Repository::Plugin::GitHooks A Git::Repository plugin with some goodies for hook developers v2.9.9 metacpan

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