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Fix the version numbers so that version::is_lax($version) returns true.


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Name Abstract Version View
Mnet Testable network automation and reporting metacpan
Mnet::Batch Concurrently process a list of command line options metacpan
Mnet::Dump metacpan
Mnet::Expect Create Expect objects with Mnet::Log support metacpan
Mnet::Expect::Cli Expect sessions to command line interfaces metacpan
Mnet::Expect::Cli::Ios Expect sessions to cisco ios devices metacpan
Mnet::Log Logging, compatible with Log4perl metacpan
Mnet::Log::Conditional Use Mnet::Log if Mnet::Log is loaded metacpan
Mnet::Log::Test Use to filter Mnet::Log entries for testing metacpan
Mnet::Opts Work with Mnet::Opts objects metacpan
Mnet::Opts::Cli Define and parse command line options metacpan
Mnet::Opts::Cli::Cache metacpan
Mnet::Opts::Set Check for loaded Mnet::Opts::Set pragma sub-modules metacpan
Mnet::Opts::Set::Debug Use this module to enable --debug option metacpan
Mnet::Opts::Set::Quiet Use this module to enable --quiet option metacpan
Mnet::Opts::Set::Silent Use this module to enable --silent option metacpan
Mnet::Report::Table Output rows of report data metacpan
Mnet::Stanza Manipulate stanza outline text such as ios configs metacpan
Mnet::T metacpan
Mnet::Tee Redirect stdout and stderr to a file metacpan
Mnet::Test Record, replay, and test script inputs and outputs metacpan
Mnet::Version Returns Mnet version information metacpan

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