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Name Abstract Version View
Mojolicious::Plugin::Yancy Embed a simple admin CMS into your Mojolicious application 1.088 metacpan
Yancy The Best Web Framework Deserves the Best CMS 1.088 metacpan
Yancy::Backend Interface to a database 1.088 metacpan
Yancy::Backend::Dbic A backend for DBIx::Class schemas 1.088 metacpan
Yancy::Backend::Memory A backend entirely in memory 1.088 metacpan
Yancy::Backend::MojoDB Abstract base class for drivers based on Mojo DB drivers 1.088 metacpan
Yancy::Backend::Mysql A backend for MySQL using Mojo::mysql 1.088 metacpan
Yancy::Backend::Pg A backend for Postgres using Mojo::Pg 1.088 metacpan
Yancy::Backend::Role::DBI Role for backends that use DBI 1.088 metacpan
Yancy::Backend::Role::Sync A role to give a synchronous backend useful Promises methods 1.088 metacpan
Yancy::Backend::Sqlite A backend for SQLite using Mojo::SQLite 1.088 metacpan
Yancy::Command::backend Commands for working with Yancy backends 1.088 metacpan
Yancy::Command::backend::copy Copy data between backends 1.088 metacpan
Yancy::Controller::Yancy Basic controller for displaying content 1.088 metacpan
Yancy::Controller::Yancy::API (DEPRECATED) An OpenAPI REST controller for the Yancy editor 1.088 metacpan
Yancy::Controller::Yancy::MultiTenant A controller to show a user only their content 1.088 metacpan
Yancy::I18N Internationalization (i18n) for Yancy 1.088 metacpan
Yancy::I18N::en English lexicon for Yancy strings 1.088 metacpan
Yancy::Model Model layer for Yancy apps 1.088 metacpan
Yancy::Model::Item Interface to a single item 1.088 metacpan
Yancy::Model::Schema Interface to a single schema 1.088 metacpan
Yancy::Plugin::Auth Add one or more authentication plugins to your site 1.088 metacpan
Yancy::Plugin::Auth::Basic (DEPRECATED) A simple auth module for a site 1.088 metacpan
Yancy::Plugin::Auth::Github Authenticate using Github's OAuth2 provider 1.088 metacpan
Yancy::Plugin::Auth::OAuth2 Authenticate using an OAuth2 provider 1.088 metacpan
Yancy::Plugin::Auth::Password A simple password-based auth 1.088 metacpan
Yancy::Plugin::Auth::Role::RequireUser Add authorization based on user attributes 1.088 metacpan
Yancy::Plugin::Auth::Token A simple token-based auth 1.088 metacpan
Yancy::Plugin::Editor Yancy content editor, admin, and management application 1.088 metacpan
Yancy::Plugin::File Manage file uploads, attachments, and other assets 1.088 metacpan
Yancy::Plugin::Form Generate form HTML using various UI libraries 1.088 metacpan
Yancy::Plugin::Form::Bootstrap4 Generate forms using Bootstrap 4 1.088 metacpan
Yancy::Plugin::Roles Role-based access controls (RBAC) 1.088 metacpan
Yancy::Util Utilities for Yancy 1.088 metacpan

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