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Error: Finnigan-0.0206/lib/Finnigan/ -- Around line 595: Non-ASCII character seen before =encoding in '→'. Assuming UTF-8 Finnigan-0.0206/lib/Finnigan/ -- Around line 320: Non-ASCII character seen before =encoding in '→'. Assuming UTF-8


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This is not a critical issue. Currently mainly informative for the CPANTS authors. It might be removed later.


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Name Abstract Version View
Finnigan Thermo/Finnigan mass spec data decoder 0.0206 metacpan
Finnigan::AuditTag a decoder for AuditTag, a substructure found in the Finnigan file headers 0.0206 metacpan
Finnigan::CASInfo a decoder for autosampler data 0.0206 metacpan
Finnigan::CASInfoPreamble a decoder for CASInfoPreamble, a numeric autosampler descriptor 0.0206 metacpan
Finnigan::Decoder a generic binary structure decoder 0.0206 metacpan
Finnigan::Error a decoder for Error, an error log record 0.0206 metacpan
Finnigan::FileHeader a decoder for Finnigan file headers 0.0206 metacpan
Finnigan::FractionCollector a decoder for FractionCollector, a mass range object in ScanEvent 0.0206 metacpan
Finnigan::GenericDataDescriptor a decoder for GenericDataDescriptor, a key to decoding GenericRecord fields 0.0206 metacpan
Finnigan::GenericDataHeader a decoder for GenericDataHeader -- a key to decoding generic data records 0.0206 metacpan
Finnigan::GenericRecord a decoder for data structures defined by GenericDataHeader 0.0206 metacpan
Finnigan::InjectionData a decoder for the injection parameters in a sequence table row 0.0206 metacpan
Finnigan::InstID a decoder for InstID, a set of instrument identifiers 0.0206 metacpan
Finnigan::InstrumentLogRecord a decoder for a single Instrument Log record 0.0206 metacpan
Finnigan::MethodFile a decoder for the outer MethodFile container 0.0206 metacpan
Finnigan::OLE2DIF a decoder for Double-Indirect FAT, a block allocation structure in Microsoft OLE2 0.0206 metacpan
Finnigan::OLE2DirectoryEntry a decoder for the Microsoft OLE2 directory entry 0.0206 metacpan
Finnigan::OLE2FAT a decoder for FAT Sector, a block allocation structure in OLE2 0.0206 metacpan
Finnigan::OLE2File a decoder for Microsoft structured data files (OLE2 a.k.a. CDF) 0.0206 metacpan
Finnigan::OLE2Header a decoder for the Microsoft OLE2 header structure 0.0206 metacpan
Finnigan::OLE2Property a decoder for the Property structure in Microsoft OLE2 0.0206 metacpan
Finnigan::PacketHeader a decoder for PacketHeader, a substructure of ScanDataPaket 0.0206 metacpan
Finnigan::Peak a full-featured decoder for a single (M/z, abundance) pair, an element of the PeakList structure 0.0206 metacpan
Finnigan::Peaks a decoder for PeaksList, the list of peak centroids 0.0206 metacpan
Finnigan::Profile a full-featured decoder for Finnigan scan profiles 0.0206 metacpan
Finnigan::ProfileChunk a full-featured decoder for a single ProfileChunk structure 0.0206 metacpan
Finnigan::RawFileInfo a decoder for RawFileInfo, the primary index structure 0.0206 metacpan
Finnigan::RawFileInfoPreamble a decoder for RawFileInfoPreamble, the binary data part of RawFileInfo 0.0206 metacpan
Finnigan::Reaction a decoder for Reaction, the container for precursor mass and fragmentation energy 0.0206 metacpan
Finnigan::RunHeader a decoder for RunHeader, the primary file index structure 0.0206 metacpan
Finnigan::SampleInfo a decoder for SampleInfo, the primary file index structure 0.0206 metacpan
Finnigan::Scan a lightweight scan data decoder 0.0206 metacpan
Finnigan::ScanEvent a decoder for ScanEvent, a detailed scan descriptor 0.0206 metacpan
Finnigan::ScanEventPreamble a decoder for ScanEventPreamble, the byte array component of ScanEvent 0.0206 metacpan
Finnigan::ScanEventTemplate a decoder for ScanEventTemplate, the prototype scan descriptor 0.0206 metacpan
Finnigan::ScanIndexEntry a decoder for ScanIndexEntry, a linked list element pointing to scan data 0.0206 metacpan
Finnigan::ScanParameters a decoder for ScanParameters, a GenericRecord containing various scan meta-data. 0.0206 metacpan
Finnigan::SeqRow a decoder for one row of the sequencer table 0.0206 metacpan


Name File View
Finnigan::Scan::CentroidList lib/Finnigan/ metacpan
Finnigan::Scan::Profile lib/Finnigan/ metacpan
Finnigan::Scan::ProfileChunk lib/Finnigan/ metacpan

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