Kwalitee Issues


Add =head1 LICENSE and the text of the license to the main module in your code.


Make sure that the main module name and version are the same of the distribution.


Remove the POD errors. You can check for POD errors automatically by including Test::Pod to your test suite.

Error: wubot-0.2.004/docs/Overview.pod -- Around line 47: =back without =over wubot-0.2.004/lib/Wubot/ -- Around line 58: =over without closing =back wubot-0.2.004/lib/Wubot/Web/ -- Around line 94: =over without closing =back


Add =head1 LICENSE and/or the proper text of the well-known license to the main module in your code.


Add a META.json to the distribution. Your buildtool should be able to autogenerate it.


If you are using Build.PL define the {requires}{perl} = VERSION field. If you are using MakeMaker (Makefile.PL) you should upgrade ExtUtils::MakeMaker to 6.48 and use MIN_PERL_VERSION parameter. Perl::MinimumVersion can help you determine which version of Perl your module needs.


List all modules used in the test suite in META.yml build_requires


  • Memory::Usage
  • namespace::autoclean


Add all modules contained in this distribution to the META.yml field 'provides'. Module::Build or Dist::Zilla::Plugin::MetaProvides do this automatically for you.


Name Abstract Version View
Wubot personal distributed reactive automation 0.002004 metacpan
Wubot::Check perform checks for an instance of a monitor 0.002004 metacpan
Wubot::Config read wubot plugin configuration 0.002004 metacpan
Wubot::LocalMessageStore add or remove messages from a local wubot SQLite message queue 0.002004 metacpan
Wubot::Logger wubot logging library 0.002004 metacpan
Wubot::Plugin::Arp monitor the arp table for new entries 0.002004 metacpan
Wubot::Plugin::CPAN verify that the latest versions of all Perl modules are installed 0.002004 metacpan
Wubot::Plugin::Command run an external command and capture the output and exit status 0.002004 metacpan
Wubot::Plugin::Directory monitor a directory for new files 0.002004 metacpan
Wubot::Plugin::DiskSpace monitor disk space 0.002004 metacpan
Wubot::Plugin::EmacsOrgMode parse tasks from Emacs Org-Mode files 0.002004 metacpan
Wubot::Plugin::Facebook scrape facebook wall 0.002004 metacpan
Wubot::Plugin::FileRegexp monitor number of lines matching regular expressions in a file 0.002004 metacpan
Wubot::Plugin::FileTail monitor a log file for all new lines 0.002004 metacpan
Wubot::Plugin::IRC monitor IRC channels 0.002004 metacpan
Wubot::Plugin::Mbox monitor an Mbox file 0.002004 metacpan
Wubot::Plugin::MoonPhase monitor the phase of the moon 0.002004 metacpan
Wubot::Plugin::OsxActiveApp monitor current active application in OS X 0.002004 metacpan
Wubot::Plugin::OsxIdle monitor idle time on OS X 0.002004 metacpan
Wubot::Plugin::OsxMailApp monitor OS X mailbox file for new messages 0.002004 metacpan
Wubot::Plugin::OsxVolume monitor OS X volume 0.002004 metacpan
Wubot::Plugin::Outlook monitor number of emails in the inbox using Outlook Web 0.002004 metacpan
Wubot::Plugin::PathLastUpdate monitor the last modified time on a path 0.002004 metacpan
Wubot::Plugin::Ping monitor ping response from a remote host 0.002004 metacpan
Wubot::Plugin::Pulse send a message once per minute 0.002004 metacpan
Wubot::Plugin::RSS monitor an RSS feed 0.002004 metacpan
Wubot::Plugin::Roles::Cache role for plugins that need to cache data between runs 0.002004 metacpan
Wubot::Plugin::Roles::Plugin a role that should be used by all wubot plugins 0.002004 metacpan
Wubot::Plugin::SQLite monitor results of SQLite queries 0.002004 metacpan
Wubot::Plugin::SafariBookmarks monitor a directory for new files 0.002004 metacpan
Wubot::Plugin::SerialPort monitor data received over a serial port 0.002004 metacpan
Wubot::Plugin::SunRise monitor the sunrise and sunset times 0.002004 metacpan
Wubot::Plugin::TaskDB monitor the highest priority task in the task db 0.002004 metacpan
Wubot::Plugin::TaskNotify monitor for upcoming scheduled tasks 0.002004 metacpan
Wubot::Plugin::TestCase a plugin for testing purposes 0.002004 metacpan
Wubot::Plugin::TiVo monitor a tivo for new recordings 0.002004 metacpan
Wubot::Plugin::Twitter monitor twitter friends timeline 0.002004 metacpan
Wubot::Plugin::Uptime monitor system load 0.002004 metacpan
Wubot::Plugin::WebFetch fetch content from a URL 0.002004 metacpan
Wubot::Plugin::WebMatches monitor a web page for items matching a regexp 0.002004 metacpan
Wubot::Plugin::WorkHours track of the number of hours you are active/idle 0.002004 metacpan
Wubot::Plugin::XMLTV fetch data from XMLTV and store in the wubot tv db 0.002004 metacpan
Wubot::Plugin::XMPP send and receive messages over XMPP 0.002004 metacpan
Wubot::Reactor runs reactive rules on a message 0.002004 metacpan
Wubot::Reactor::CaptureData capture data from a field using a regexp 0.002004 metacpan
Wubot::Reactor::CleanFilename build a clean filename or directory name from a field 0.002004 metacpan
Wubot::Reactor::Command run an external command using data from the message 0.002004 metacpan
Wubot::Reactor::Console display a notification to stdout 0.002004 metacpan
Wubot::Reactor::CopyField copy the value from one field to another field 0.002004 metacpan
Wubot::Reactor::DeleteField remove a field from the message 0.002004 metacpan
Wubot::Reactor::Dumper display the contents of a field or an entire message 0.002004 metacpan
Wubot::Reactor::False set keys and values if a field is false 0.002004 metacpan
Wubot::Reactor::GreaterThan set keys and values if the value of a field exceeds a value 0.002004 metacpan
Wubot::Reactor::Growl display a growl notification on OS X using Growl::Tiny 0.002004 metacpan
Wubot::Reactor::HTMLStrip strip HTML data from a field 0.002004 metacpan
Wubot::Reactor::HashLookup map the value of one field to a value for another using a lookup table 0.002004 metacpan
Wubot::Reactor::IRC public and private IRC notifications 0.002004 metacpan
Wubot::Reactor::Icon search for an appropriate icon for a message 0.002004 metacpan
Wubot::Reactor::ImageStrip strip image tags from a field 0.002004 metacpan
Wubot::Reactor::LessThan set keys and values if the value of a field is less than a value 0.002004 metacpan
Wubot::Reactor::Maildir store messages in maildir format 0.002004 metacpan
Wubot::Reactor::MakeDirectory create a subdirectory 0.002004 metacpan
Wubot::Reactor::MessageQueue store messages in a Wubot::LocalMessageStore queue 0.002004 metacpan
Wubot::Reactor::RRD store data in an RRD with RRD::Simple 0.002004 metacpan
Wubot::Reactor::SQLite insert or update a message in a SQLite table row 0.002004 metacpan
Wubot::Reactor::SQLiteDelete delete a row from a SQLite table 0.002004 metacpan
Wubot::Reactor::SetField set one or more fields on the message to a configured value 0.002004 metacpan
Wubot::Reactor::Split split a CSV field on a message out into multiple other fields 0.002004 metacpan
Wubot::Reactor::State monitor the state of message fields over time 0.002004 metacpan
Wubot::Reactor::Template build a field using existing message fields as a template 0.002004 metacpan
Wubot::Reactor::TransformField use a regexps to transform the data in a field 0.002004 metacpan
Wubot::Reactor::User try to identify user from the 'username' field 0.002004 metacpan
Wubot::Reactor::WebFetch fetch data from a URL 0.002004 metacpan
Wubot::Reactor::WriteFile write data from a message to an external file 0.002004 metacpan
Wubot::SQLite the wubot library for working with SQLite 0.002004 metacpan
Wubot::Tail follow the tail of a growing file 0.002004 metacpan
Wubot::TimeLength utilities for dealing with time durations 0.002004 metacpan
Wubot::Util::Colors color themes for wubot 0.002004 metacpan
Wubot::Util::Tasks utility for dealing with the Emacs Org-Mode files and tasks database 0.002004 metacpan
Wubot::Util::WebFetcher fetch content from the web 0.002004 metacpan
Wubot::Util::XMLTV utility method for dealing with XMLTV data 0.002004 metacpan
Wubot::Web Mojolicious web interface for wubot 0.002004 metacpan
Wubot::Web::Graphs web interface for wubot graphs 0.002004 metacpan
Wubot::Web::Notify web interface for wubot notifications 0.002004 metacpan
Wubot::Web::Rss serves outgoing wubot RSS feeds 0.002004 metacpan
Wubot::Web::Tasks wubot tasks web interface 0.002004 metacpan
Wubot::Web::Tv wubot tv web interface 0.002004 metacpan

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