Kwalitee Issues


Provide a short description in the NAME section of the pod (after the module name followed by a hyphen) at least for the main module of this distribution.


Add a MANIFEST to the distribution. Your buildtool should be able to autogenerate it (eg "make manifest" or "./Build manifest")


Add a META.yml to the distribution. Your buildtool should be able to autogenerate it.


Remove all letters from the version number. If you want to mark a release as a developer release, use the scheme 'Module-1.00_01'


Add tests!


Make sure that the main module name and version are the same of the distribution.


Run a proper command ("make manifest" or "./Build manifest", maybe with a force option), or use a distribution builder to generate the MANIFEST. Or update MANIFEST manually.

Error: Cannot find MANIFEST in dist.


List all used modules in META.yml requires


  • Bio::Das::ProServer::SourceAdaptor
  • Bio::Das::ProServer::SourceAdaptor::Transport::generic
  • Compress::Zlib
  • DBI
  • Data::UUID
  • MQdb::DBObject
  • MQdb::Database
  • MQdb::MappedQuery


Split the distribution, or fix the version numbers to make them consistent (use the highest version number to avoid version downgrade).

Error: 0.953,1.007,1.010


Add a META.json to the distribution. Your buildtool should be able to autogenerate it.


Add tests or move to the t/ directory!


Define the license if you are using in Build.PL. If you are using MakeMaker (Makefile.PL) you should upgrade to ExtUtils::MakeMaker version 6.31.


If you use Mac OS X, set COPYFILE_DISABLE (for OS 10.5 and better) or COPY_EXTENDED_ATTRIBUTES_DISABLE (for OS 10.4) environmental variable to true to exclude dot underscore files from a distribution.


  • www/edgeexpress/jscript/._prototype-
  • www/edgeexpress/jscript/._prototype-
  • www/edgeexpress/jscript/._prototype-
  • www/edgeexpress/jscript/._prototype-


Add 'use warnings' (or its equivalents) to all modules, or convince us that your favorite module is well-known enough and people can easily see the modules warn when something bad happens.

Error: EEDB, EEDB::Assembly, EEDB::Chrom, EEDB::ChromChunk, EEDB::Edge, EEDB::EdgeSet, EEDB::EdgeSource, EEDB::Experiment, EEDB::Expression, EEDB::Feature, EEDB::FeatureSet, EEDB::FeatureSource, EEDB::Metadata, EEDB::MetadataSet, EEDB::Peer, EEDB::Symbol, EEDB::Tools::BEDLoader, EEDB::Tools::MultiLoader, EEDB::Tools::OverlapCompare, EEDB::Tools::PSLLoader


This is not a critical issue. Currently mainly informative for the CPANTS authors. It might be removed later.


Name Abstract Version View
Bio::Das::ProServer::SourceAdaptor::Transport::edgeexpress 1.007 metacpan
Bio::Das::ProServer::SourceAdaptor::edgeexpress 1.010 metacpan
EEDB 0.953 metacpan
EEDB::Assembly 0.953 metacpan
EEDB::Chrom 0.953 metacpan
EEDB::ChromChunk 0.953 metacpan
EEDB::Edge 0.953 metacpan
EEDB::EdgeSet 0.953 metacpan
EEDB::EdgeSource 0.953 metacpan
EEDB::Experiment 0.953 metacpan
EEDB::Expression 0.953 metacpan
EEDB::Feature 0.953 metacpan
EEDB::FeatureSet 0.953 metacpan
EEDB::FeatureSource 0.953 metacpan
EEDB::Metadata 0.953 metacpan
EEDB::MetadataSet 0.953 metacpan
EEDB::Peer 0.953 metacpan
EEDB::Symbol 0.953 metacpan
EEDB::Tools::BEDLoader 0.953 metacpan
EEDB::Tools::MultiLoader 0.953 metacpan
EEDB::Tools::OverlapCompare 0.953 metacpan
EEDB::Tools::PSLLoader 0.953 metacpan

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